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    Shore sharks

    Way to kill sharks bro!
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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    Sincere condolences.It is not easy to lose someone so suddenly,especially when they have been together so long.Sucks.
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    Pl 11/21 with a string of bad luck

    Chicken not the issue...we always take cold,Vons fried chicken....Impeller issue will be a non-issue if you change it religiously every year,even if it looks ok....
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    Spot lock trolling motors,any advice?

    I appreciate the advice,and that is how i was leaning,however,not the issue is I cannot find one!They have the 24v,but no one has 36.
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    Spot lock trolling motors,any advice?

    I am wanting to instal a spot lock trolling motor on the front of my 18ft Stringari.I have seen reviews for MinnKota and Garmin,does anyone have any real hands on with either of them,and if so,which ones?A buddy of mine in Texas has trolling motor for fishing redfish,and he has a 36volt Lithium...
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I am not going to laugh at anyone,but bottom line is,if you cannot afford the whole thing yourself,NEVER go in partners.I also did it 2 times,both with same person.I racked up the first dissagreement over us buying a POS boat,but when the other guy brought a boat for sale to my attention,and we...
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    Lobster trap thief

    I am not trying to doubt you,and yes,there is alot of stolen stuff on Offer up,but I looked at the pics and it just looks like the "Stock" setup that you can buy from Squidco or other places...If you saw something that you can identify exactly as yours,get the police involved and get them back.I...
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    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I had one of the 1st DF70`s,and put over 5,000 hours on it over 15 years,and zero issues at all,put a brand new df140 on the Stringari in 2015,have a hair over 1,000 hours on it and zero issues at all.I had not done the water pump until last year,and it was still perfect,I change the oil...
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    10/9 Kelp Buggin

    Same story for us,last year,perfect nite,we had over 200 shorts and 2 idea how the commercial guys do it,they must got through thousands to get a decent catch.It seems like they should molt and be legals????
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    Covid IS serious.

    You haven`t listened to Trump,it aint no big deal....tell that to the 210,000 that have died,including my Aunt in west covina(72yrs old,but not in any condition to say she is done with life),One of my model airplane buddies who was 46 in Florida,very healthy,a friend of mines Niece from san...
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    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I was in the parking lot opposite of sea world a few months ago,and these guys had a bbq set up,and had about 5 or Spotted bay bass on it that were probably 8-10 inches long each.I tried calling the Poacher line,but got an answering machine each time....
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    Shelter Island has a beautiful big new launch ramp with not insufficient trailer parking.

    Holiday weekend=stay away from launch ramps....Go at the end of sept/first of october,you will get your choice of spots.
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    What don`t you like about these?From my experience,this is such a higher qaulity connection with the gold plating,and how the spikes go right into the cable.I have never had an issue personally,and I make a living soldering(Radiators)
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    Offshore No mas bluefin

    Coronado Islands bro
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    San Diego Butts 8/9

    good job