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    Bakersfield Anglers Roll Call

    I'm in, my wife doesn't speak fishing
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    Throttle controls problem

    Thank you I will try that
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    Throttle controls problem

    I have a 2008 Honda 150 outboard , when I first push throttle forward I have to tap till I get to Sweet spot or else idle down almost to idle speed can never get over 3500 rpms boat is a 22' Bertram wondering if anyone has had this happen or can help me trouble shoot
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    O side bait prices??

    Anyone know how much a scoop is at ocean side? Last year they got me for 80 a scoop.
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    Free Trailer Dual Axle

    Who ever got that trailer ill buy it
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    Free Trailer Dual Axle

    Well me that trailer
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    Wanted boat trailer

    Need boat trailer for 22' deep v dual axle and need a steel of a deal
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    black pearl out of LB??

    Takeing this boat out Friday anyone know where they have been going?
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    wanted boat trailer

    Looking for 21' to 25' two axle trailer
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    yt anacapa?

    Size hooks 1/0 or# 1
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    yt anacapa?

    So you fly line those
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    yt anacapa?

    Live squid work, never used anchovies just dean's down south.
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    yt anacapa?

    Wondering if anyone Is catching yt? At anacapa. Going to head over tonight.