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    Best month for bluefin

    I would say June and October
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    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    Not a guess, it's a black cod aka sablefish
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    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    juvenile black cod
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    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17

    It's hard to tell by the angle of the shot but I think it's a frigate mackerel
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    Best Baja Fishing "Bottom Critter" Table Fare? (Not a Report...Yet)

    More similar, certainly, but they're actually much better than local rockfish. And I'm certainly not hating on rockfish. All the fish you listed, basically any grouper or snapper, is gonna blow your mind.
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    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Fair enough, I hope they never do you as dirty as they did me (3 times.) To be fair, I haven't used them in years, maybe they've turned things around and I sure hope they have, but they lost me forever so I'll never know. And I'm not a bad review kind of person, I don't say this to be an...
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    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Gonna be another great year! I do recommend against using Fisherman's Processing, though. For value, quality, yield and customer service (and every other category I can think of,) they are the WORST processor in San Diego
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    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    Reading this thread shows how little the average fisherman knows about fisheries management. You guys would do well to actually read the stock assessment evaluations if you are really interested in what's going on, if for no other reason than to understand how bad the science is. Not only...
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    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    Ahhh boating does now require a license so might want to look into that It's an incredibly stupid scheme that exempts boat renters, another prime example of CA legislators w/ thumbs up their you know whats but hey -- you got your wish sorta
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    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Any pics of the pompano?
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    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore classic
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    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

    No see this is actually proof they are coming back this year. For the last few years it's been wahoo, yft, bft, mahi... Once people start april foolsing albacore like this was allcoast and we were still trying to figure out how to set up our hotmail accounts.... that means they're coming back...
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    Inshore Ling lings!

    Not mushy, but their texture is decidedly softer than reds. It's texture is more like true cod whereas reds' is more like snapper. And I just mean that I wouldn't make lingcod my first choice to sautee, broil, bake or grill, not that it'd be bad if you did. They are perfect for fish sticks.
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    Inshore Ling lings!

    IMO lings are too soft to do anything other than fry. Sauteed, baked or grilled they just don't hold up to rockfish, but frying them is perfect because you get the crunchy outside with the soft inside texture contrast like a french fry.
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    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Given those circumstances, even though it doesn't look exactly like most yt that size, it most likely is a yt.