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    For Sale Folding Spotting tower & seat..

    It looks like it’s set up mainly for sitting down. Is there room in the hoop to stand up? Looks kinda like a tight space can’t really tell.
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    SOLD Cabo Cuddycon 226 Electronics box

    Hey Gary, how is the Tale Chaser doing?
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    Transducer decision B175 vs B275

    Bumpin an old post: Other then bulkyness vs flush. What’s the main performance difference between these 2 transducers?
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    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    I had maybe the same issue with my boat. I tried lifting with a bottle jack, nope, I tried a tow strap to the motor pulling with my UTV nope. Then I tried a cherry picker car engine hoist with a strap around the lower unit and it picked right up no problem. Added Hydrolic fluid and it’s been...
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    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    This is the asshole to vote out of office for one. Completely ridiculous what’s going on in this state.
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    Grafighter 800m or Phenix M1 82 H

    I’d say the Calstar. But in reality you should just get both.
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    Autopilot Recommendations??

    I’m looking for opinions too. How many motors does your boat have? I have twins and a set up I was looking at had the wrong pumps for my 2 motors.
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    Fishing closure statewide

    Get a rope! 🖕🏻
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    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

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    Don't vote Democrat.

    This comment couldn’t be anymore false. Did you just say mathematicians hahahaha, ya guy. Oh and business men Dr.’s haha your clueless bud.
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    Okuma Komodo

    Good working reel. I recommend it for sure.
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    For Sale Stainless rod racks

    Do you need anything media blasted or powder coated?