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    The famous ole Qualifier105

    Saw her docked in Homer Aug 2019
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    School is back in

    Awesome! Enjoy them now, they grow up too fast
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    SOLD SOLD Rupp Outriggers 18ft aluminum

    Adam... Nice to meet you. Thank you
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    SOLD SOLD Rupp Outriggers 18ft aluminum

    Replied... Pending meet-up tomorrow AM with "mezr 2ice" 2nd up MADDOG
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    SOLD SOLD Rupp Outriggers 18ft aluminum

    18 foot retractable aluminum Rupp Outriggers - Poles Only, no bases, no rigging. Came off 2016 Pursuit. For 1-1/2" bases. Not new, but in great shape. $200.00, Meet-up in San Diego, no shipping.
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    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Not Me... YouTube video of someone getting checked at the Islands
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    Fishing islands/inshore mex - manifest?

    Sucks Big Time! Agree 110% However; I don't want to find out the consequences. It only takes that one Official with attitude. That said, I'll ask for a text photo of passport, fill-out and submit the forms myself. My boat; my responsibility. No passport, no fishing.
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    Fishing islands/inshore mex - manifest?

    Hi Nate, Hope all is good... it's been a few years! Anyhow; a reply from Pesca Deportiva Baja California is rare. Maybe twice in 12. This is the typical reply. The manifest is no big deal. Just fill out the boxes and send it. I use an excel sheet and just revise the passengers and or...
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    SOLD Two Garmin 7612

    Yup.... SOLD. Thanks Paul
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    SOLD Two Garmin 7612

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    SOLD Two Garmin 7612

    Two Garmin 7612, excellent used condition, both are non-xsv, including; Sonar Box GSD-24, Sun covers & power cord. No brackets. Came off 2016 Pursuit; upgraded to 8616s. No Shipping; Meetup in San Diego, $2,800 for All
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    Please Take the BD Survey

    Done... do we get to see the results?
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    Greetings from the abyss.. Best time to fish Puerto Vallarta

    2/15 thru 2/20.... I’ll also post a report