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    PENN new product wish list

    Fathom 15xnld2 x 100 please
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    Accurate Boss Extreme 30

    SOLD....please close
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    Okuma TG 10 II for $120

    I have 2 okuma titus gold 10 II for $120 each. These are 2 speed reels. For those who don't know these reels came right before the makairas and are very solid reels. One is actually tricked out with anodized gun metal and a T-Bar handle. These reels would be perfect loaner or boat reels where...
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    40-50# Boat Rod & Reel

    you got pm....I have two okuma titus gold 10 2 speeds that will work perfectly for your needs.
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    Accurate Boss Extreme 30

    Like the title says...Accurate Boss Extreme 30 filled with 100 lb solid tuf line xp. Reel has no major scratches just normal boat rash. Recently serviced at Ken's Custom Reels. $400
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    Rods for SALE: Mainly Phenix Rods, Crucial, Calstar

    please close....creating new thread for remaining rods.
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    Phenix INSHORE Black Diamond Rods, plus Shimano Crucial

    1) Black diamond inshore PSW 760L 8-25 $170 2) Black diamond inshore PSW 760MLXF 10-30 $170 SOLD 3) Shimano Crucial CRC 70MH 10-20 $60 (bass rod) SOLD Remaining rods for sale. All rods in good condition, rods are straight, no popped guides, and reel seat works.