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    Offshore Any Dorado Yet?

    Saw a nice size Dodo under kelp just south of the 14 mile bank. Had lock jaw…
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    Wanted 24ft skipjack open running or project

    I might have a very well equipped (fishing wise) 78 20 open with <700 hours coming on the market soon. It was repowered with Volvo Penta 4.3GXI and Duoprop in 2003. It get 3mpg with full tanks, full bait tanks, 100lbs of Ice and 3 fisherman, and close to 4mpg when empty. I also spent 4K...
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    Offshore Dodos 20 miles NW of San Clemente Island.

    Out off the backside searching for BF on Sunday. Water temps 75+ and at one time up over 77. I figured temps down a bit were a bit cooler but it could be the reason we went 140 miles and didn't see a BF. We did get called in on a Kelp that was loaded with Dorado late afternoon. Limited in two...
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    Aluminium trailer

    Hi Towerfab, I am looking for an alum trailer for my 20 Skipjack open, 5k capacity. Any specials similar to above exist?
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    Offshore WFO YFT Quick Trip 8/17 - VIDEO

    I am under impression that the fleet is fishi g outside 12 miles and therefore no permit needed. Did I miss something?
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    Offshore 209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    Did you check embarcadaro cameras??? Maybe they saw something... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coronados 5/28

    Very cool of them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    So glad you had good day. I was working on the Skipjack when you pulled your boat out! Your heading out with your son brought back memories of fishing with my dad when I was young. Now he flies in from back east each summer and I take him fishing!
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    Spinfisher 6500LL secondary drag is too firm. Can anything be done.

    I really like mine as well. Hoping they can come up with something...
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    Spinfisher 6500LL secondary drag is too firm. Can anything be done.

    Bought a couple 6500's last year as I have had good success with my new Fathoms and was looking to upgrade from older baitrunners. With last years great fishing here in So Cal they proved to be workhorses and up to the task handling some large tuna (65#+) without a blink. When fly-lining macs...
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    Lobster from pier?

    I was at Dana harbor (at anchor) and the surf was going over the top. Saw harbor patrol turn folks back. If they hadn't it would have been ugly.
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    Suffix 832 braid 30 & 50

    Just ordered on Amazon, sorry
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    Suffix 832 braid 30 & 50

    Interested. Still avail?