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    22' Islander Sportfisher

    1985 Islander Sportfisher, originally sold by McWayne Marine Supply at Kewalo Basin. Volvo Penta AQ260 inboard-outboard sterndrive (Chevy 350 gas engine) with Volvo 290 Duo-Prop leg. New Michigan Motorz 350 Chevy marine (4-bolt main) engine with new Edelbrock 500 cfm four-barrel carburetor was...
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    Oahu - Ko Olina shore fishing

    If you happen to be there at the right time (low or high tide) you may get lucky and hit a school of oio (bonefish). Strips of calamari will work to catch those. Oio always put up a good fight on light tackle.
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    "It's been almost as long as the Cubs drought that the Republicans have controlled the...

    "It's been almost as long as the Cubs drought that the Republicans have controlled the House/Senate/White House." Actually, it hasn't been that long. Congress 108 and Congress 109 belonged to the Republicans under George W. Bush, 2003-2006.
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    Hawaii Kai - 8/23/2016

    Good going, Russ! How do you prepare the uku? Fried? Steamed? Sashimi? All of the above?
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    July Full Moon Hot Offshore Bite

    That's a mackerel pike, also known as a saury. They're a popular food fish in Japan, where they're known as sanma. Nice haul, guys and gals! Congrats!
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    Aloha "FRIDAY" Marlin

    Nice job! From hookup to the pupu platter in 5:06! Great video. Thanks!
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    Shore fishing Oahu

    Papio (juvenile trevally) are rarely associated with ciguatera poisoning. Large ulua (adult trevally 30+ lbs) are more likely to trigger a case. Dr. Yoshitsugi Hokama, a University of Hawaii researcher during the 1980s reported that ciguatoxin builds up in the human body as more and more...
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    Shore fishing Oahu

    Check out my reply in the Big Island Shore Fishing thread below. Oama can be found at many beaches in the Punaluu and Hauula area. If you slow troll oama behind your kayak you'll have a very good chance of catching shoreline game fish.
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    Leeward Coast - 6 August

    Very nice! Those silver bullets are as good as gold. I can just image digging into a plate of fresh aku sashimi and some grilled teriyaki aku bones. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Nice haul, Captain Chuck and crew!
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    Storm ahi

    Thanks for the fishing report. It's been soooooo slow since the Haleiwa bite tapered off about two weeks ago. Heard that the Kaneohe run of ahi and otaru has been hot this past week. Good going on your catch!
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    Big Island Shore fishing??

    Oama season is almost here. Catch them using a cheap 5 foot bamboo pole, 2 lb-test line, a split shot lead, and a tiny #18 hook. Frozen shrimp will work for bait (but I think frozen oio meat is best). I don't know anything about the oama bite at sandy beaches on the west side (like Hapuna), but...
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    Question on Fishing Maui

    Any fish that forages or hunts on coral reefs or in shallow rocky areas near shore has the potential to carry ciguatoxin. Fish that are higher up in the food chain (shallow water snappers and groupers, amberjacks, trevallys, barracudas, etc) pose the most risk because the toxin accumulates as...
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    Mahi Monday

    Nice mahi, Conor. Good idea using that daisy chain of ballyhoo. I need to give that a try.
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    Looking for a 6 pack

    Start Me Up Sportfishing sponsors the Hawaiian fishing forums on this website. They're very consistent in their catch rate. Check out their website.
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    No ahi but ......

    Way to go with the nice haul! Congrats!