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    bean bags. what's the go to.

    I have a west marine one that does the job just fine. The ocean tamers are definitely nicer though.
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    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Thrasher HTR. Rainshadow ts66mh. I’ll be testing a Thrasher Crowbar this weekend.
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    Saltwater Costco has Scotty 1106 downriggers

    Definitely 2, better balance.
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    D bag bi-hull tuna fisherman can’t even get his blackmouth troutriggers mounted right....
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    Tanacom Recommendation

    750. 65# power pro.
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    I’ll keep in touch man. Westport or sekiu. Unless you like jigging up dogfish in area 11 and getting in fights at the takeout.
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    Negative. In true bd fashion it’s now a thread about swim steps, shitting off swim steps, shitting off goatrams swim step while talking about the weather and fingers crossed we’ll start arguing about trucks soon.
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    I spend a lot of time on the swim step. Not usually by choice. Typically to shit or untangle 20 yards of braid from a prop or whatever the dong beaters get tangled up in. Sometimes I like to step back there to piss as well. I feel like at least once in my life I need to fish with @Hard Chargin'...
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    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    I keep losing my dabs. They keep getting eaten by lings.
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    King 5 Article

    My take is that the tribes have a lot of money and own our governess. There’s a lot of factors to the declining fish populations. Tribal over fishing and mismanagement, state not putting out enough hatchery fish and mismanagement, sport fishing groups fighting amongst themselves- douches like...
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    Change Tanacoms to Feet

    I’m a little curious how this works? I’ve never really cared with mine because you know, the whole halibut and ling cod on the bottom thing. But it would be cool to read the reels in American. Got any kind of source for the rest of us tards to learn how to get out of meters?
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    1981 SeaRay 255SRV Flybridge Refit

    Yeah, just poking at ya a little. I’ve been there. On both sides of it. More than a few buddies new drift boat and sled maiden voyage trips that I’d like to forget. I’ve also been involved in some pretty stupid shit in the ocean over the years too. Only difference is I didn’t get blasted for it...
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    That’s just a windy app.
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    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    It’s mother was an airstream...
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    🌈✊💦 LIL’ BIT....