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    Finally some good news.
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    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    Should make for a good show.
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    So, hookers and blow at the monkey dick center?
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    Dephiance Bait tank 43 gallon $500

    Stays up phor ever.
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    I use those. I’m pretty happy with them for the price. I buy about 1 each year to add to the pile I rinse and clean really well after use and they don’t rust much. Wipe it down with a scotch brite and most of it comes off.
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Pleasant harbor was pleasant. Launched ahead of the crowd, and parked in the lower lot. Landed on the shrimp and had a quick morning. Visited with some friends, had lunch and beat the rush taking out. Looked like a looong walk and a long launch line for those that got there later though.
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    New entrant for WTC 2020

    It’s all fun and games till someone shits in the bait tank.
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I have changed my plans to pleasant harbor as well. Parking scared me off too. Also I have friends running out of there.
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    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    I got excited about the free golf balls till I remembered I haven’t golfed in 10 years and I think I lost my clubs.
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    Halibut dates, coast

    Copper plug.
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I have a twanoh question, never been there as I usually run from Potlatch. Is there plenty of room for a guy to beach his sled when launching alone and waiting? And do they open up before 6:00 on shrimp days?
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I’ll probably be around if you want a hand. I’ll be launching alone early and waiting for the wife.
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I’m going to give it a shot Monday. Just trying to decide if I’m going to try getting there at 7:00 after dropping the kid at daycare, or drive separate from the wife and solo launch early.
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    Canal launches for the 11th

    I am also interested in the answer to this question.