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    Survey says....

    Without rods. Cheap reels.
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    Machine shop recommendations (kicker motor)

    Just put the cowling back on, check on your insurance policy, and leave it parked outside for a week. Problem solved.
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    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Notepads been on hand since I started working on a Volvo....
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    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    I know of 1 bounty, I think it’s a 257 as well that is converted to a single Merc 300 and the owners happy with it. I think his bracket is a custom/ 1- off. I’m looking at a Swap next winter on a very similar boat and am leaning towards having PDR build a bracket.
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    A pile

    might as well add the broken insert troll rod on to my order.
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    Fuel at Westport

    Nope. Don’t want to leave before the bait dock opens. And it’s nice to have a little daylight at some point in the run.
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    boat bottom width?

    I’ll weigh in on the skinny end of the spectrum for bottom width. I’m at 27’ with an 8’ bottom, big chines, about a 20 ° deadrise at the stern and about 12K With a low center of gravity. Rides nice but tippy at rest sometimes if it’s not squared up to the swell and pretty sensitive to weight...
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    Tuna 10/3?

    Half the distance they were a couple weeks ago and hungry enough....
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    Tuna 10/3?

    Seems like only a year ago (dam near to the date actually) they were basically out of chovies and pat was being labeled as a rinky dink asshole for some reason. I’m not ready to call it yet. I’ll bring Sabiki rigs for everyone or finally get the opportunity to mooch one up on a cut plug if I...
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    Tuna 10/3?

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    Weather conditions?

    Forecast looks fine to go coho fishing. In the marina....
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    Glowing tuna carcass...

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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    You guys are just jealous of his Sportfisher with triples. I wonder if that’s my old 8-horse on the port side.
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    Retrofitting a Hook Keeper to an Existing Rod

    And anyone can learn to install one in about 15 min.
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    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    Yes they do. I have Scotty 1106. Not the HP. I run 15’s on them.