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    YT Collars - lots of blood

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Just concerned about food safety as the wifey is pregnant. Gotta come out good or I’m gonna have a reeeeeaaaallly hard time convincing her to let me take trips before the grom comes lol
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    YT Collars - lots of blood

    Had 5 Star save me the collars from a YT caught back in late January, defrosting for dinner tonight. I noticed there’s a lot more blood in the vac bag than I normally see; any health concerns? Obviously collars are to be fully cooked so I’m under the impression it doesn’t matter, just need to...
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    Baitcasting newbie

    Prepare yourself for an overload of information... What do you plan to use for line rating for with this setup? That’s always the biggest factor and will give everyone a good basis to give you well thought out, calm, civilized and relevant responses!
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    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    Can’t speak for everyone else, but both of my recommendations are composite rods. Not everyone likes all glass, not everyone like graphite and not everyone likes composites. I have no basis for comparison as all my rods in my quiver are composite, but I love em and trust em to handle my...
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    Don’t even care what he’s talking about, listening to Jamie talk fishing here for our benefit is a gift. We salute your expertise, Sir!
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    Komodo SS

    The entire Komodo lineup is amazing and are great values for the function and the drag they spit out. Hoping to one day find the limit as to where I DON’T wanna fish them. Casts great, compact, strong and has the best level wind system in the bait caster class. What’s not to like? So yeah...
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    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    Let the bluefin watching begin! Every sport boat leaving the docks for the next ten months outside of 5+ day trips will be watching miles of foamers... I hate bluefin fishing lol. Been on more trips than I would like to remember without a sniff for the entire boat. There’s nothing more...
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    Okuma Komodo

    Yes it is! XH 7’6
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    Okuma Komodo

    Added a Cortez handle as well to my 463 last night and I can’t wait to kill something with it! :devil:
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    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    Not at all, especially since OP mentioned using it for bait also. Raptor is 7’6 if length is a concern.
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    Relentless 2.5 day trip leaving Feb 14.

    I went January 24-26 on the PQ and nailed two yellows out of ten for the boat - they’re there, but not biting in big numbers... yet...
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    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    GG6480. Does it all. Kills fish, soft in the tip, lots of backbone. If you want something on the heavier side, UC Raptor. They won’t stand a chance...
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    Okuma Komodo

    Did the handle replacement require any grinding or filing of the new handle? I ordered one for my 463, arrives today, and I hope it’s plug and play. I have the 463 on a PCH XH and love the combo. I would trust it to pull on almost anything up to 80 lbs. The rod and reel are both perfectly...
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    What is the best #50 yo-yo rod?

    I’m a big believer that yo-yo fishing isn’t designed to be a fair fight. That said my go to setup is what some might call overkill, but I’m batting 1.000 so far - 7’6 UC Raptor with a Fathom 40. 80lb braid with 10 feet of 50lb mono to the jig. The rod loads heavily on the strike and shuts off...
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    Fishing for bluefin in a war zone

    You see all sorts of intense shit leaving the harbor there. Always starts the trip out right!