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    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    Very nice! Glad we got to chat at the dock before and after. Nice grade. We filled the Islander on our 6 day. Our biggest bft was 85lb, mine was 70lbs Great job on the hogs!
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    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Well done Spike and Tim! Congrats on the score. That is a day to remember!
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    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    I'll figure it out after work.
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    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Nice write up Spike. It was a fun day with lots of laughts. Next time maybe i'll get one... Here is your fish, thanks for the chunk.
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    2012 Seabass Review (video)

    Very cool! What program did you use to edit with?
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    ISWAC 2-Day Charter

    Very nice! See you in a few weeks...:-)
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    2012 BD Survivor Pool

    i'm in .....again
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    th Coast Condition Report 7.9.12

    I was on the Clemente and saw you guys. I think we were the high boat in the fleet on birds, Had 6 going at one time. I got my share in too... We did hook and dump 1 yellow and a few splashed in the chum for a bit.
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    Constitution at Dana Wharf

    First trip is tonight, limited to 19. $175
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    Killed Calicos in Dana Point

    Calvin and Jordan work very hard to catch fish. Glad you had a fun time with them.
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    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Holly shit. Nice one man! Fish of a lifetime for sure, I know your feeling....I got a 67lber. Good for you!
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    Jerks on the water in SD Bay!