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    oh my.....I'm gonna pull on them and maybe stick with the 80 Predator for my 40. Thanks!!
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Last year mid 2019 (video date when uploaded) my buddys were on a overnite charter out of SD and when daylite came the tuna bite was on full speed. Out came a passenger with 1 sock on stumbling on deck with no boots and slurring incoherently. He started throwing out the salt and pepper shakers...
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I had heard to be very careful and wash you fingers after applying the perscrip patch. Heard story's that it can temporary blind you if you wipe your eye with that stuff with your fingers.
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    I have 2 Predators that I took to Guadalupe last fall. Used them for 40 and 50lb. Bite was tough on 50. Got 2 on 40lb and love how the Predator handled 40 on a very tight drag with 21#'s. I'm gonna try the new GP80 Terminator for my 40 set up to replace the Pred. Also will try a GP80 Pred. Will...
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    haha...never noticed that connection 🤮
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    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I have a 22ft'r and take the boat out and never get sick no matter how rough the seas are "IF" in driving. In my own boat or someone else's boat, I get sick and puke till I'm dry heaving IF I'm not driving. Once at the spot I'm good to go all day even with the ride back in any boat on any day...
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    2020 Fred Hall LB

    Price of admission and parking and there goes any discount savings 🤔
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    SOLD New Accurate Valiant BV-600NN $350

    Thanks Ty. Filled it with 400 yds of Maxcuatro 80# going on my UC Predator for wahoooooo
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    JRI3. Mint Gold White
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    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    I have 3 that I switch around for 30lb Wahoo bait.: 900L with braced guides local : US90 Mega 9' long range : 800M 8'
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    Long rods artificial only charter.

    How about 9 and 10' rods only fishing bait and iron. I'm ready : UC90 and 100 Monsters for iron heavy and lights. Woo Hoo yoyo'ing with a 10' !! UC90 Mega and Rainshadow 9' for baiting.
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    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Ahhhhhh ABS Sporting Goods in Inglewood. I met Roland Martin there doing a bass seminar.... There was Ardens Tackle shop in Rowland Heights which was the go to for Bass Pro Shops tackle price goods and prices.