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    Cow chasing 2021 recommendations?

    Fishing is a rich mans sport nowdays….try logically explaining to the wife spending $400 a day for a 10 dayer. Oh and then she finds out how much of a tip was given. Her natural response is “you know how much fish you can buy for +4K?” Imagine what we would say to our wives going on a...
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    Musings of an Aging Angler

    Off topic a bit but when I first started freediving / spearfishing I was a bit hesitant diving up down to 70’ on a breathhold. I asked a spearing discussion board, if starting at 50 is too old and dangerous…..their response was hilarious 😂. They though it was a joke post. I found out dudes much...
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    Musings of an Aging Angler

    I’m also not retired yet, but when I do go out on longer trips there is always the chance of the “big one” and needing to get medivac’d off the boat. I never want to put the wife in a spot to wire transfer $100k to Medivac my @$$ off the boat. She’d just say just bag and tag me. This is why I...
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    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    I heard from shops that in fact 100# spectra is thinner than 80#. 80 is thicker with more strands. I googled this up from another site : “JB 100 lb is a little thinner than JB 80 lb as others said, but the breaking point of 80 lb is about 150 lb while the 100 lb breaking point is about 130...
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    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    Wow ! No messing around with your purchase. I went your route, but also did get the MAK15T for 60 and a MAK50 and VISX 16,20,& 30’s
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    Tough question for the 20-30# range

    My 20# set up is a 900XL and a Rainshadow 9’ 1082 ? You can pull hard on these rods and it’s pretty though to break 20# fluoro. My biggest fish on the Rainshadow is. 44# halibut and 55# bluefin. Although the BF took a over a hour and 10x around the boat 😀 with a Okuma Android 5nII 30#, I...
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    Ready to purge. Are these worth anything?

    Ok, the comment and feedback just made my day 🤙
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    Which innovation/invention has changed fishing the most?

    GPS Plotter point and go maps vs loran and gps with waypoint highway style mapping
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    Rod line rating

    Take the middle number and there you go. Follow the mono rating 15-30 as thats your leader end and i’d fish 20#. Too lite for 30 and too stiff for 15. For #20, I use 30-40# braid.
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    Boat Burgers

    Back in the days when the Islander was at 22nd street, they had the best burger. I always talked about that “Islander Burger” when talks about food came up.
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    Grouper hook size

    So I’m understanding that 1 grouper = 5 fish for a total 30 fish limit max for 3 days on a trip over 3 days and longer.
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    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    My 1 set up would be United Composite US80 Predator (not a GP80 Predator) I have 2 US80 and 2 GP 80models For the US80 I fish 40 and 50 and in a pinch could fish 30 on it if that’s my only 1 rod. 1 reel to bring ? : Okuma Makaira 15T
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    Bait Tank Issue

    I have a Pacific Edge tank 35 g or so and hardly ever have much dead bait. In my other boat I had a Kodak 32 gal tank with a 800gph pump and again, very little dead.
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    Keeping bait alive in small bait tank

    I have a Cabo216 and the boat has 2 rectangular built in tanks which are great for Mackeral and Squid. But for dines, it’s a death box. Deans need a circular tank. I added a 35 gallon oval tank with a 850 Gph pump and I hardly have any dead bait even in rough conditions crossing over to...