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    Tuna 50# & 60# set ups

    I like to fish my UC's at their lower end of the ratings. US 80 Predator 40lb GP 80 Predator 50lb US 76 Raptor 60lb I'd say your Talica12 50lb and Torque40 60lb. For 60, take a peek at the UC/GP Raptors
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    Vintage Penn YTS

    My +40 year old 4/0 Penn / Newell Yellowtail Special conversion with stainless 4:1 gears and bridge..she spins like a top for about 3 minutes
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    Anyone hear of this virus?

    haha found this one on the net
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    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Bob also insures some of the Long Range Boats out of SD. No brainer insurance for me at 55. Im in it for a Medevac and trip incidental accident coverage. Medevac coverage on your own is $25k-$80,000 and must be paid in full before the copter is sent for you. Imagine calling the wife to transfer...
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    covid-19 and sport boats

    My plan. Toss out the bunk supplied pillow and wool blanket and spray my zone with 91% alcohol. Lysol smells bad. Bring a light weight sleeping liner cover that sell for $16-$25. Never know which way the boat blanket was used with the previous person. Sneezing, cough, fungus feet side snuggled...
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    Alternative to FlexxRap

    I was given these to try on my fall 10 dayer and all 5 lasted 6 days of fishing. Especially after guiding the spectra being ripped back on to the reel with my 6:1, they stayed on and didn't wear out the elastic.....and very inexpensive
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    Bed bugs on boats

    Yuk, I'm sleeping in my emergency blankey
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    New UC RGP Predator 50-100 Rod Question

    I Like the Predator so much I have 4 2-US80 and 2-GP80
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    Favorite brand flouro?

    200 lb mono is all I use
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    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I have 2, GP80' UC Predators that I'm building as we speak. The only issue is that the 600NN is so narrow that the clamp wont fit around the reel seat. For the Valiant 600N. it fits the Alps reels seats no problem on the Predator rods. I also have 2 US80 Predators for bait that I mount on the...
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    Wahoo trolling set up

    Any troll rod with non rollers if using spectra / mono. Larger spool diameter reel for cranking power. Advice from a deck hand last fall to troll a 50 size reel. I trolled a 30 size reel in high gear all the way and couldnt get enough cranking power to bring the hoo back fast enough to the boat...
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    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I'm gonna use a Accurate Valiant 600nn 6:1 single speed filled with 400 yds of 80 MC. Set up on a GP80 Predator. No need for 2spd. Tight tight drag and narrow spool for my bomb fishing. On a 2nd outfit for my Raider iron hoo rod. I'm using a Accurate Valiant 600n 2spd just in case a tuna...
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    Live Bait Tenders

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    40 Lbs Reel recommendations

    I use the Tranx500 and Trini20 with 40/50lb paired with UC's US90 and 100 Monsters for throwing iron. Last fall on my 10 dayer, I used the Talica12 to throw iron and still could thrown the JRI3's about the same distance as the Trini20.
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    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    US90 Mega -30 US80 Predator -40 US80 Predator -50 Tuna GP80 Predator -50 Wahoo GP80 Predator -50 Wahoo US7'6" Raptor -60 US7'6" Centaur -80 US7'6" Viper -100 US90 Monster -50 US100 Monster -50