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    For Sale Lowrance 9TI

    I’m selling a transducer off my old 7 Ti for anyone that needs it. It’s has structure scan and chirp in an older ad in here also.
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    WTB Lexa 300 power handle

    PM me if interested.
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    Tips for winter spotted bay bass in Newport Harbor?

    Owner sled heads (weedless application especially through eel grass), jighead or drop shot with Berkley Gulp jerk shads in 5 inch are great for beginners to seasoned fisherman. Can't go wrong with jerk shads. I like the color new penny or nuclear chicken but they will bite any color on the...
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    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    also a pain when scales get on them. once dried VERY difficult to remove unlike X-tube. For durability i'd stick with something else. I love the feel but personally look for something else for serious salt use. I'd only recommend for freshwater or inshore for lures and no bait.
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    Brake Pad Question

    Agreed on the noise on the aftermarket pads. Go OEM is my recommendation. My truck squeaks every morning backing the truck up... Annoying as hell. But can't really speak to the extra braking power. But with my experience, OEM pads are usually best.
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    For Sale Chrome Grill - 2015 Tacoma TRD off-road

    Post it up in Tacoma world forum if you have trouble selling it. Should go quick for that price on there.
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    WTB Phenix trout rods spinner

    I have a Phenix 7'6" 2 pc Elixir in excellent condition. Let me know if interested.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I'm having the same issues and running on Chrome. Same off of my IPhone also.
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    SOLD Daiwa Aird Coastal 100HSA baitcaster

    Bump. Trades are welcome. Let me know what you got.