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    Category II 406 MHz EPIRB with Integral GPS

    IF you have been PLAYING YOUR CHANCES OFFSHORE with out one. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING EXCUSE NOW. OR JUST HOPE your float plan is in the warm water current while you remember reading this AD, new $900.00 or something like that. When your swimming around the BUTTERFLY Bank $9,000,000.00 yours now for...
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    PV Tunas and Roosters 3/1 - 3/2

    Great report. That looks so damm good, Thanks for posting.
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    Driving South

    We got our new pasports in 2.5 weeks. And we did NOT pay for the expedited service. Just good to have.
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    Trailering to PV??

    What Bullshipper said....that last grade going down was insane. Plenty of gas all the way down. we slept in the boat parked at a gas station. 30 plus hrs for us. Getting the sticker for the boat was kinda a hassel. we had to park in a overflow parking lot then got bussed to the checkpoint to get...
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    Lobster Punch Card in the Works

    Im sure there will be more than just that.
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    Strike three, non marlin report for 8-19

    Dude....that sucks waking up early like that and thinking about going or not going. Good call on going cause you would have been bummed all day. we got a marlin three weeks ago off a kelp paddy and had no idea he was around. later Beta
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    Marina Coral 8/13, 14, & 18

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a good time.
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    Going west, Gonna burn some fuel

    Offshore Reports Southern California USA Offshore banks for pelagic species hummmm
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    209 quick day

    Good deal.....
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    Thu - Pac Voyager 1 day trip

    Cool report, weather was nice or just some green people?
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    Last year a spotter plane flew over me out side the 182 and circled around then shook wings and i put it in gear and followed him out where he was circling a BIG PADDY i stopped on that paddy and he flew off 1/2 mile away and circled again so i followed him after marking the first paddy. then he...
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    maiden voyage ***with a bonus***

    They should Write a book like some of the other's.....thats crazy. Now they are hooked for sure just like Crack.
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    8-14 oh what a difference a day makes

    man that makes for a long day, gald you made it back safe and thanks for the report
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    390, 371 not much

    thanks for the report, sux about the paddy with fish showing off on the other side....HATE THAT