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    Smallest Charlie Brown Circle Hook for Cow Fishing?

    I like JB hooks but on my last trip I used nothing but J hooks, didn’t miss.
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    Difference Between RUS80 Wahoo & Predator

    My other rigs for the lupe were Centaur with Mak 16 for 80# and Viper with Avet 30 for 100#
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    Recent 10 Day

    Forgot to mention we saw only one Great White and only had one tuna get bite in half but as always it was a big tuna.
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    Recent 10 Day

    I was on a 10 day that got back last week. We fished the entire Ridge, Alijos Rocks and the lupe. Ridge was not good except for wahoo, Raiders and bombs worked and my Tony the Tiger Hooker Intruder was 4 for 4 trolling. Otherwise small tuna, a couple yellows and a few dodos. Alijos was wahoo...
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    Difference Between RUS80 Wahoo & Predator

    Got a 122 yft at the lupe last week on RGP 80 Terminator, Torque 40, 60#. Great lite set up for the lupe, JP fish.
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    Guadalupe Tuna Method Theory

    Do not turn your back to the water while fishing the rail at the lupe.
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    My last box

    Damm Loc that’s a beauty, I’d love to fish with you again.
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    I'm booked on the Indy Nov 26 thru Dec 7 trip - how are bunks / staterooms assigned?

    Tackle box storage is a sore subject for me, Indy unless you have the top row isn’t great. Most guys had large skb boxes and on second and bottom rack you can’t open the top and upstairs gets full fast. RP has a crappy set up for tackle boxes, that duel bench seat doesn’t help. Don’t get me...
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    Indications of Intruders

    I have two of the originals, best wahoo troller I’ve ever used.
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    Which long range boats are best for taller anglers?

    I agree on head smacking on the searcher, hate that. Only boat I’ve been on that was an issue.
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    Makaira SEA 20 or 30???

    Yep 20s all day and night.
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    OSP 2x4 vs. UC 76 Viper

    Another vote for UC, I’ve got raptor,centaur,viper and Invictus
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    Intrepid 3 Day, April 15-18

    Did they fix the port list?
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    Support long range fishing now

    I thought it was made by General Dynamics?
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    New rod & reel for a 16 day in April on the indy

    I’m guilty of custom set ups as well.