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    Regency radio

    2.5 year old bump / price drop....$75
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    Offshore 9/08 Dodos and 1 Skippy

    Nice job loading up. We cruised by and decided not to crash the party and moved on to try to find our own. After finding a few paddies with nobody home, and reading your post I'm second guessing the decision to move on.
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    Best bang for your buck fishing boots

    Muck excursion pro mid. Wide flat feet and these are very comfortable. Best I've used.
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    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Looking forward to seeing this project. Please document as you go. Outerbanks or FB?
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    1/26 DP

    Nice haul. I can see it now... The fleet of boats jockeying for position right outside the harbor entrance.
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    Blackman 20

    Nice boat!
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    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    Thank you for the detailed report. I enjoyed the read. Looks like you and your son had a great trip.
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    Nice pair! Thanks for the Intel.
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    Dana Point halibut for New year's Eve

    Very nice. It's great when it goes as planned. Well done! Happy New Year!
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    Catalina 28, 29, 30

    Nice job. A smorgasbord of Good Eats. The weather has been phenomenal.
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    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    Very nice. Good eats right there. Nothing better than spending time with family catching.