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    Large Walk around vessels....

    There is a 43’ Delta on Oregon coast Craigslist. Looks like the boat is in Alaska. $279k I can’t think of another boat with that much walk around. Wesmac makes a version that comes close but I think they are in the $1 million range. You might check out the downeastboatforum on instaggram. A...
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    Captain’s license courses

    I just got done getting my 25 Masters Near Coastal with towing using Marine Learning systems online program. You have up to one year of self paced study with a proctored exam when you pass the course and are ready. I did mine over three months as my schedule allowed. As with all things in...
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    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    Daiwa lexa 300 lefty no line counter with a power handle. Spooled with 50lb tuffline XP Indicator so you have 10 foot line color changes. Trevala TVC70ML or TVC70L. Way to much money for bottom fish but the ML with the lexa is a lot of fun on tuna too.
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    dock cart recommendation

    Tried them all and this is the most versatile. I can put two 150 coolers stacked on it in dolly mode and move fish/ice in large quantities. Lay down flat and it moved...
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    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    It’s not hard to do. Get some Atwood 1/16” rope. You said white and red so like this or this You start your wraps a number of ways but I take a...
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    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Google Whopper Stopper Rod. Short and made to haul big fish. I check them out every time I go to Hawaii. Well made rods. Reels- I’d keep a jigmaster handy with and extra spool. Those reels are made to be abused and keep working and spool changes don’t take tools. I’d also have a penn 113...
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    Womens fishin duds?

    technology failure
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    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts

    Miller Marine makes metal risers for his cutting board that fits Scotty bases. You could buy those off him and then take them to a welder to add the top rod holder part. Koffler Boats makes one similar to that but I don’t believe they make them to fit a Scotty base.
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    Cost of New Outboards?

    Verado line is moving to normally aspirated so it’s going to be just the lower end that’s “verado”. Merc also changed out the non verado line and will be producing a V8 300 hp. Early reports are they got them right this time. They Based the non verado line on the very successful redesign of...
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    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    All this talk about losing it over the side of the dock and a recovery often do you drunks drop a dock cart off the dock? Great setup. Only thing I’d add is brakes.
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    Left handed level wind conventional reel.

    Google black magic light tackle harness adaptor. It is a solution for no lugs. I've seen others that work for rods where the butt screws off. It went between the rod and the butt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Left handed level wind conventional reel.

    My wife likes lefties and level winds. Biggest I know of is a Penn 25 Lhlw. Don't fish your area but my wife runs that reel in the Northwest and it is a solid reel. It doesn't have harness lugs but there are a few options for that. One thought for you- reach out to Alan Tani (google his...
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    Tuna Etiquette in Oregon

    You will be closest to Newport/Depoe Bay/Coos Bay ports. The first two have both styles of charters where you charter the entire boat or buy just a seat. The boats where you charter the entire boat are probably already booked up for the summer. You could try Newport Marina Store because he...
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    Drag stack

    Acetone is your friend. I buy off eBay and rehab so see this quite a bit. You said their was only one that came out originally so their may be one more stuck in there. I can't quite tell from the picture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drag stack

    Snap a picture of the drags on and the drags laid out in the order you are putting them on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk