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    Any high end Saxophone players out there?

    Knew what sax it was well before you got to the last line. That’s a classic. Listen to some Coltrane if you want to hear a tenor Mark IV done justice. Funny the patina dinged the value. Some guys would sand the shiny stuff off, at least in the bell. Cool sax that would appeal the right buyer.
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    Garmin Rep? Electronics build

    Looks like both have two network ports. If you are running multiple transducers and depending on whether you want both to see the radar, you may need a Garmin port expander. Gps 19x nmea2000 for improved gps location. Switch to a digital 529 antenna from Shakespeare. Plan your nmea 2000...
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    Tanacom reel cable parts

    Went down this path with someone that had a business in the electronics world and they could never source it. They ended up cutting a cable and adding on to make a custom cable. Expensive route to go. If you are able to source it, let us all know. I’d love to get off their junk cables.
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    School me on travel trailers

    Oh and learn what a poop pyramid is and avoid it. Lots of liquid mixed with solids in the black tank is important for those short 1-3 day trips .
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    School me on travel trailers

    I keep an RV in Newport six months out of the year and have learned a few things over the years. All of them have build issues and as you have already learned, you can find people that love and hate almost any brand. Mines an almost problem free Jayco but I think that’s more lucky than an...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    I have a whaler gulper pump that services a fish box just a little bigger than a half tote. It has been flawless for two years of heavy saltwater use. With that said, unless you are a very patient person, I’d plan on assisting the draining process with a bucket or shop vac at the dock. If...
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    Researching new boat build

    I did mean the flush mount rod holders when I said drop ins. I’m surprised how many NW boats don’t utilize them. I had Koffler weld pipe in as my flush mounts so they are permanent and I didn’t ever have to mess with them again. A sea chest is actually considered to be the proper method to...
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    Researching new boat build

    For that class of boat you might look at an RSW for the fish boxes. Not having to worry about ice for your catch opens up some flexibility. You indicated an AIS receiver. For your intended use, make sure you also have a transponder. That way they see you too. At least six drop in rod holders...
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    There is a 43’ Delta on Oregon coast Craigslist. Looks like the boat is in Alaska. $279k I can’t think of another boat with that much walk around. Wesmac makes a version that comes close but I think they are in the $1 million range. You might check out the downeastboatforum on instaggram. A...
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    Captain’s license courses

    I just got done getting my 25 Masters Near Coastal with towing using Marine Learning systems online program. You have up to one year of self paced study with a proctored exam when you pass the course and are ready. I did mine over three months as my schedule allowed. As with all things in...
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    Your Go 2 Shallow Water Bass & Ling Rod.

    Daiwa lexa 300 lefty no line counter with a power handle. Spooled with 50lb tuffline XP Indicator so you have 10 foot line color changes. Trevala TVC70ML or TVC70L. Way to much money for bottom fish but the ML with the lexa is a lot of fun on tuna too.
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    dock cart recommendation

    Tried them all and this is the most versatile. I can put two 150 coolers stacked on it in dolly mode and move fish/ice in large quantities. Lay down flat and it moved...
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    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    It’s not hard to do. Get some Atwood 1/16” rope. You said white and red so like this or this You start your wraps a number of ways but I take a...
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    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Google Whopper Stopper Rod. Short and made to haul big fish. I check them out every time I go to Hawaii. Well made rods. Reels- I’d keep a jigmaster handy with and extra spool. Those reels are made to be abused and keep working and spool changes don’t take tools. I’d also have a penn 113...
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    Womens fishin duds?

    technology failure