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    Penn International baitcasters

    Pinoyfisher submitted a new listing: Penn International baitcasters - Penn International baitcasters Learn more about this listing...
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    Rigging up for BFT

    Thanks guys for all valuable information!!! I'm soaking it all in!!
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    Rigging up for BFT

    Yikes!! That's the biggest reel I own. I know my brother got his 105# on a 30W. I'll have to back off the drag some. How many pounds of drag should I be fishing? I bought a scale to be able to measure it.
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    Rigging up for BFT

    So no mono top shot? Braid to fluorocarbon only?
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    Rigging up for BFT

    I have a 1.5 trip coming up and was looking for some insight on how to spool up my reels. No experience going after the big bluefin. Penn FTH40LD 2 speed Penn FTH60LD 2 speed Shimano TLD 50W 2 speed
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    Rigging up for BFT

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    GUSA SW65H, Calstar 6465XXH

    PM sent
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    Black Penn Torque 25n -

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    Reels for sale

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    Classic yellow sabre 540

    Phuck, this post is old!
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    Classic yellow sabre 540

    Location? Interested in both.
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    Torium 20 & calstar 530 combo

    How much for just the rod?