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    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Yup, closer to 44 on a nice flat pond to the Coronado's in no time with the duo-props.
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    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    I'll split up the other Marathon pics...haha...
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    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Hey guys, another Marathon owner here, great to see others!
  4. Bahia de Los Angeles 2006 085

    Bahia de Los Angeles 2006 085



  6. marathon


    boat 1 and 2 pics
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    Coming in Kauai

    I have a free day or two while attending a wedding over there this coming Nov. around the 7th to the 9th, what's the ocean action like then?
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    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Still getting a couple of replies via PM, guys, it's been sold!
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    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    She was SOLD this evening!! They have just hauled her away. After several tire kickers and some low-ballers, she was sold at firm asking price! We held fast to our price. She will get a nice re-power and a new home. The buyer was a referral from this site. No plans on any replacement...
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    2/18-2/19: WFO Lightning trout, wetting my pants and voyeurism via 'yak (Pic heavy)

    Great write-up to say the least!! You could apply for a job at WON or other sport fishing publications and fish at the same time!!
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    Single to duo props

    With the recent rains, we had to put off the trip up north, but yea, the 290's would be great but the price of the 270's was pretty cheap like "free". The question is will the bolt pattern be the same (280 to 270) without any mods to them? If someone has a good running 290 for $500 or...
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    Single to duo props

    I have a single 280 Volvo single prop now and want to swap out for a 270 duo-prop. Are the hole patterns the same? From what I understand they are within a couple of years apart....1982 (280) and 1984 (270). The duo-props are about 287 miles away from me and got a lead on it from a friend...
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    Don't be fooled by this Craigslist Ad!

    The scam must be paying off for these scumbags, since it seems it's a proven sales ad for them. There's a sucker born every minute. In my selling of cars and its parts, I use a separate e-mail account that describes what I'm selling and some numbers and when the item sells, I get rid of it or...
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    Loading my boat???

    Like DoubleTroubleII posting (#2), I find that's the best way that's worked for anyone dropping the trailer down, from a newbie to better than average to anyone going solo. It also works with just about any trailer with the carpeted bunks and be it low or high tide and even with rollers. I...
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    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Thanks, Ben!! You're absolutely right about the older and proven hulls. Yea, those fishing rod holders are made from solid brass and clamped down with stainless steel screws and can tell you they have been on there for almost 10 years and still have not loosen up a bit. There's been many...