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    my website has been shut down......

    Thanks, Alan. Pretty lousy approach by GoDaddy - did they give you very much notice this was to happen? Love the website and all your regulars. Excellent information and support to most any reel question.
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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    The boat office will have the answer. It is my understanding there is a 10-day Non-Resident license which can be purchased at the landing. Also believe with the 10-day there is a requirement to also purchase the Ocean Enhancement Validation. Will know for sure in a couple days when my 10-day...
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    Vacuum Sealer Bags

    We like the pre-made bags from I personally like using the bags instead of making my own from the roll - probably more expensive but worth it to me. Available through Amazon (where we found them initially) but the last order we did early this summer was direct through them...
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    SoA 9/16-9/24

    Excellent report! Thank you for all the details including what was working as well as your thoughts on the boat and crew. Doing my first trip on the SOA in a couple of weeks. I hope we find the fishing as good as you guys did.
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    4 more days

    Good luck!! Back-to-back 10-day trips - great idea. I will be out on a Spirit of Adventure 10-day for most of your second trip. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the high seas, at a distance of course. Would appreciate you letting us know your thoughts and experiences on the adventure...
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    Newbie Info

    Welcome back!! We have a great group of long range regulars here who will fill in more of your questions. I made my first long range trip in 1999 and fished Fall 10-day trips with a handful of shorter summer trips for a few years. Increased work demands and other interests reduced me down to...
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    Flying to with Rod Tube if you have flown recently

    Have not flown with fishing rods in a few years - and apparently not up with the times. Don't remember a specific rod limit regarding how many can be in the tube. I get the Mexico thing, but for a domestic flight it seems odd. For the OP, I had two thoughts... First - with all that has taken...
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    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    I have read through about 2/3rds of the report documents - some really chilling details. Not my place to second guess or assign blame - that's what the legal process is for, but there were many things which could have been done to prevent the tragic loss of so many lives. Any organization (or...
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    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    I've been reading through the report and noticed a few mentions that NTSB investigators were not permitted to interview the Captain by the US Attorney. Here's a quote from Document 91 (6- Survival Factors -Group Chair's Factual Report) "... Although the captain of the Conception, voluntarily...
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    John Nappo at Trophy Fishing Tackle makes them. Titanium Bait Leaders
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Excellent report! Great mix of details and photos. Looks like it was a fun trip. Thank you!
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    Offshore This kid loves to fish

    Excellent - thanks for getting the next generation involved. Love seeing the youngsters catching fish.
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    Excel 10 day

    Thank you! Excellent update - hope the remainder of the trip goes well and the bluefin are in the right mood.
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    A few observations on wahoo...

    Thanks, Tim - really great information. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience to help others become better anglers is amazing and greatly appreciated.