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    Offshore Nuevo Vallarta guide recommendations

    What he said, Danny is the fishiest guy I know and as an added bonus treats the fish right post harvest! Gaff to Ice = quality fish! If you have WhatsApp +52-322-111-4802
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    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    Yes the pics did the talking! Looks like you had a great trip!
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    Headed to Loreto May 11-15

    Alaska is awesome, they allow one rod case and one "tackle box" as one piece of checked luggage so I stuff a soft sided cooler with all my tackle and sundry items, slay the fish, vac pac and freeze and put in the soft sided cooler and pack all my tackle in a sturdy box (start looking early when...
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    Puerto Vallarta big yellow fin

    I take two soft coolers every year, vac pac the fish, freeze it solid and check it as a bag with Alaska, same charge as an extra piece of luggage = 20.00. This equates to 80lbs of fish which gives me enough to eat and gift for the year!
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    Holy Shit, Mano a Mano, no belt, vicious accomplishment!
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    Pre-Season on the East Cape

    Solid write up! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Sounds like the fam may have got bitten by the bug - so cool
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    osuna brothers ntnc, march 18-22, 2021

    Thanks Alan! Glad you made it out and spanked em!
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    What he said ^^^^^^

    What he said ^^^^^^
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    Tunas on popp

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    Fishing and having fun with my father the captain Danny Gomez

    Feliz Ano my friend! Mel said to say Hi to the both of you and she is sending hugs! Great picture, give Mr. Lulu a hug for us! I am going to see if I can get down for a quick trip soon but did book already for three weeks in November! Ceviche on the boat! Sashimi, Poke, Tacos I am READY! I...
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    Fishing and having fun with my father the captain Danny Gomez

    Don't know what I did there to make all the pics come up twice and did not see how to edit them out.....