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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    Dingy is 9'3" - Stow the outboard on homemade stand... Just put the dingy in and attach the motor and off you go. Then if you go fishing over at Catalina just tie your dingy to the mooring and it will be there when you get back.
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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    I inflate mine in Dana Point and put it upside down on the rear deck and zip over there. I made a vertical stand for my out board the I tie to the kleet for ride over. Kind of hinders my fishing on the way over but it beats trying to inflate and assemble with not enough room on my boat. I have a...
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    Tide log-where to get one

    Any Tackle Store..I know Hogans in Dana Point has them.
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    Boat Fire in DP ?

    Anyone know details on the boat fire in Dana Point today? I could see the black smoke from pretty far away. I hope everyone is OK!!!
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    Ceiling mount fishing rod holder

    Nice work...I made the same one out of wood. Super clean job you did there...CNC?
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    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Accurate 197's
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    Exterior upholstery.

    Olivo is great!
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    Omc engines?

    Run..far and fast
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    Did you sell it?

    Did you sell it?