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    Lobster taco Tuesday

    Catch bugs? Or the thief ?? We get lobsters all winter!! A lot of fun ! But now the bft are teasing us!!
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    No BFT 2/20 Newport report

    Went out today 2-20 out of Dana had mini macs Metered fish straight out from Clemente pier,one pick up but that was it. Saw a couple air Bourne but lost school never found again. Water as warm (relative) 61. Won’t be long!!looks like we won’t care about rockfish opener!lol
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    Lobster taco Tuesday

    They all look short!should throw back on my plate!! Jk. Very nice will try that way. We stopped at Carl’s Jr. In Dana. We had some nice ones in the tank. While inside all but one stolen!!
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    Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    Thanks for report. Nice fish. How many cow cod?
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    2-3 ounce
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    Too late to go fishing out of San Diego??

    Sure. Even if and a big IF , the tuna do die out. Tomahawk great option as is old glory and other! Colonet is a great option for yo yo yellowtail. And always rockfish.
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    FYI my friends fished the butterfly area on a 42 ft private today. Caught 6 ,28-65# all on sinker rigs except one.
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    Awesome Bluefin Tuna Fishing 12/22

    Hi Dan!! Merry Christmas !! Known and followed at least that long. Thanks for timely report. Remember fun San Miguel island trips the bbq on deck remember a lemon shark you caught while they got dinner ready shark steaks next to NY’s watching flesh move as cooked!! Very good. Was in early 90’s...
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    Looks like tuna season is over

    I think you have a better chance catching Santa!!! than out on water. We went on Tuesday. Looked all over. Water as cold as 58. Drove lots of miles burned lots of gas. Metered nothing. Even rockfish spurned us!! I need to send my boat adrift in lights tonite for Christmas parade!! Merry...
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    New lobster record

    That is a jumbo!!!congrats. Be fun. We caught a few rockfish. But tuna are gone. Zero meter marks water as cold as 59. Ends fast!! Lol
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    Fish processing

    Agree with most all you say do 16 day in winter each year. I spend most of winter in Illinois. I like to fix and give to family and friends back here. So I need perfect product. Mine are popsicles anyway soon hurry. Around 10-20 days later it’s airfreight sent. Sportsman’s and 5 star both very...
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    New Lo An fishes Thursday December 5, 2019

    we Fished today. Caught a few. Seems like same conditions. Will take several storms back to back with strong north cold air. These storms don’t hurt. In my humble opinion.
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    12/1/19 WO YT Bite on pattys

    Very fun. Congrats thanks for intel. We went to desperation area. 3 hits on flyers had one jumbo to color only to pull the hook. We ran out of flyers. Fished some numbers. By island for some rock fish only so so. But did get a huge cow cod. We carefully used decompression rig sent back to 300...
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    Fish processing

    5 star is only one I ever used. Always great product. But never keep fish under 30#. You just get better pieces. If I wanted to keep smaller I would suggest cut your own. Do not rinse in chlorinated water. Ruins it.
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    Very nice Dave. Your knowledge is infinite. Lol. In FL my friend showed a video of seal on a fish then shark on seal. Loved it.