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    Shimano Bearing Seal - BNT2878

    Definitely not an O-ring, but it was so deteriorated, I couldn't tell you if it was a fiber washer, or some other material. Fiber washer seems like a good guess, though. From both posts, I gather it wasn't super critical - and yet, it was destroyed, implying that it saw lots of wear. I will...
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    Shimano Bearing Seal - BNT2878

    This bearing seal is used in the old Trini's and Torium's. When I took apart my Torium 20, that seal was pretty much destroyed. Can't find one from Shimano or ereplacement. Does anyone know where I can find this part (new)?
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    Cannon DR just quit working

    There might be a relay on the circuit board. The switch would activate the relay, the relay would energize the motor. If so, that's the next place I would look.
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    Possible Craigs List Parker Scam alert

    Yeah, I saw that and ignored it. Either it's a scam, or a big typo.
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    Parker Diesel

    Not in Monterey
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    Parker Diesel

    Very tempting, but you guys have convinced me not to do a MV. Still looking for a unicorn - 2530 under $70K
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    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    Have caught 2 cows on 130 with this knot; flouro leader to mono. In fact, have never had the knot fail.
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    Yet another wooden box, a bit smaller this time, with adjustable height, and one hand access.

    Don't care for the aesthetics of the long legs, but that is a beautiful f'ing box!
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    Is Chef Jeff Still Around?

    I've eaten a lot of great food all over the world, but THE best meal of my life was a pork loin with a mushroom sauce that Jeff served on the Intrepid.
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    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    Yes, but the OP came out of Dana Point - not Mission Bay. Dana is further away and he had to go around SCI.
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    Planing speed

    Albycor, I'm in Pacific Grove. Let me know if you need a deckhand! I had to move from 3-blade to 4-blade props on my Cabo for that very reason. Made a huge difference in getting up on plane. Still looking for the right Parker - I'm thinking 2530 to get more cabin space for our colder waters.
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    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Left. But I'm also left handed and fish a RH reel.
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    Bluefin restrictions

    Interesting discussion. Here's a link to the latest stock management report by the ISC (International Scientific Committee for Tuna): In short: 1. The Pacific bluefin tuna fishery has been...
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    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    If you got 3 great fish and 2.3mpg with a full load, looks like an excellent trip. Congrats!
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    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    Outstanding!! Thanks for the report. You're gonna need a bigger avatar...