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    SOLD Calstar gfdh 800L for 120$

    Text me I’ll head up now 760-445-0929 paul
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    SOLD Shimano Calcutta Combo's For Sale

    How much for just the CL820XFA
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    SOLD Pair of Calstar 655XH

    long range specials Some of the best rods I’ve ever fished Period
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    For Sale MORE blue glass seekers at island

    How much for a set of 8 fters
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    Top gun 2.5 day. 28 - 31

    Left Wednesday night bob taft, Julio ,Scotty and a young deck hand my bad I’m terrible with names but all killer deckhands and fishermen Thursday we start on the ridge anchored up start the morning off with some smaller grade BF 2 larger models mixed in with quality yellowtail 20-30 lb models...
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    For Sale Newell 220 and 332

    Oops it’s a 322
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    For Sale Newell 220 and 332

    Both Newell’s in very good shape and working condition $150 each
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    For Sale 8ft Californian calico special rod

    Crazy hahaha You still have the rod
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    SOLD Rack with rod holders and lights

    If not sold text me 760-445-0929 paul
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    SOLD 2 Shimano Terez - Ivory, Seeker, and Calstar rod for sale

    I’ll take the seeker 760-445-0929 Paul
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    For Sale Accurate Boss Valiant 500 BV-500-SBL

    Is this a narrow 500 Looks like it
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    SOLD Factory Calstar 800M w/ Aftco Reel Seat and Cork Handle

    If it had the smaller reel seat it would be sold. The accurate valiant won’t fit on it Sweet set up dig the cork
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    Who does this ???

    Your my countrymen I would never want to belittle you I’m a patriot and will die for you cause this is our country and we are Great