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    Penn 300 LP goes KA-Boom.

    Hi Reel 007, Sorry to hear the side plate and spool went overboard. No need to send the reel in for repair. I will send you a message about replacement parts. Jim
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    Fathom free spool/max drag

    Yes correct the Torque's LD's do not have the washers, I believe the issue you are having is unrelated with the reel being 3 years old. I can still send you a washer if you want to attempt to add it. tony
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    Fathom free spool/max drag

    Other Fathoms aside from the 40’s share a similar setup, but the majority of the complaints (if not all) are from the 40, which is also our most popular size. tony
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    Fathom free spool/max drag

    You can PM me your address and your sticker number from the foot along with address if you would like the washer mailed out.
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    Fathom free spool/max drag

    We have been receiving and seeing complaints in service regarding Fathom LD max drag before losing free spool. We identified a concern a couple years back with too much grease in the reel causing sluggish free spool regardless of drag setting, we corrected this issue with our factory. Recently...
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    Penn 40 2/ drag disengaging spring

    Hello REK, Sorry to hear your Fathom is giving you trouble. I have never seen the 41 spring cause an issue on the Fathoms. This is a difficult one to diag as it could be a combination of things. I suggest sending the reel in for repair. I will send you a message on the repair process. Jim
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    Penn Torque 40NLD2 Authenticity

    Guys, Nothing fake about the reel. We make “running changes” on all products including on internal and external parts. artwork, boxes, schematics, UPC’s etc. The preset was one of them, looks better in my opinion then the sticker! doesn’t exist anymore. is correct...
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    New fathom 400 lphs Synchronized Drag and Level Wind system

    Macky - most levelwinds are driven off of the gears/handle turning only, which then does not move when casting or when drag is being pulled. The 400 levelwind will move in either direction any time the spool is rotating except when disengaged to cast. The purpose is exactly what Steve posted...
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    Torque 15ld2

    :jig:tony I would always recommend sending the reel in for warranty repair than attempting to work on the reel yourself, but I believe FISHY was confident.
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    Status of the repair shop

    Hello, We are busier then ever in both Service and Parts, turn-around for service would be approx. 2 + weeks once we receive it. tony
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    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Cooper, Based on your Username, if you name is Damon we are working on your reel today. If I have you confused with someone else just pm me your correct info. Warranty work will be honored so you won't hear from us, it'll just ship once complete. Thanks and sorry for the delay. tony
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    penn website not working

    Make sure you are using and not has been disabled. tony
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    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Thank you for understanding! tony
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    Any news when Penns repair department will reopen?

    Hey Randy, Forgive us as we try and catch up, I will try and have someone reach out to you today. tony
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    Lou, After speaking with our Manufacturing Team it appears some reels were sent out with the wrong handle assembly on the TRQLD2 15-30 size reels. The handle with the larger knob should only be on the 40 and 60 size. If you could provide me a serial number and address we can send out the...