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    This was my first LR trip.

    I believe the RP ad was 1978, I was on Yo's 9 day trip that year.
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    Sacramento Roll Call

    Yuba City has one to
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    Sucking Thumbs

    Now thats funny
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    Trip with most over 300?

    11 o the RP a few years ago, with Billy S. at the helm.
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    Chuck Woolery on ARs

    That was great.
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    I really believe if you asked this question to the present day captains, the name that would pop up the most would be Steve Loomis. Over the years I have fished with many of the captains named so far, but no one could pull the rabbit out of the hat better then the master.
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    Prank: seagulls on laxatives

    Did that back in the 50's in grade school. These kids must have learned it from grandpa.
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    If your kids did not serve, you owe a debt?

    Mike Thank you So much for your service and your right on answer to this stupid idea. Your a great Hero.
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    Yo Saluki!

    Thats one brave man.
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    Yo-Zuri New Fluorocarbon

    When Fluorocarbon first game out we were getting ready to leave on a 10 day trip. I asked a very wise man (Steve Loomis) what size fluro to get up at the landing store. He said, "If the fish really can't see it what difference dose it make". Everybody tries to build a better mouse trap.
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    Penn International 50S

    I have a Penn 50S, Cal blueprinted Baker Frame, filled with spectra Paul 530 674-3939