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    Anyone know a place to flush your motor close to shelter island San Diego?

    I store my boat at Campland, and yes you can flush your engine at the station they provide just left of the Ramp
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    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    So after way too long between updates, here we go. After getting her in the water four times last year, she finally broke down. Luckily only 250ft from the dock. It ended up being the alternator which I easily identified. Regardless, it was late October and I decided to stop spending money...
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    0 for 50 on the San Diego

    It is for this exact reason that I just broke down and bought my own boat. I was fishing on the San Diego about 2 years ago and the Yellowfin bite was going off. I had 4 fish on board by 11am, all on bait, and decided to switch to an Iron. After fighting the crowd on the Bow a few casts...
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    Dana Mako

    My first day working on the Coral Sea out of H&M in 2001, I watched our captain free gaff a 5 foot mako off the port side using nothing but a sardine broken in half. Hooked it right through the nose as it came in for the sardine. He loved Mako marinated in Italian dressing, and I was the...
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    Boat Trailer Jacks

    The $30 one from Harbor Freight. I installed mine in 5 minutes and it works great.
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    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    Can you say motivational imagery. time to fish! great report and congrats!
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    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    I wish I was as diplomatic. Well said.
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    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    nothing but pure BS and scare tactics. here are the real facts: wolf attacks on humans(All 50 US states since 1761): US wolf population(US): Mountain Lion Attacks...
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    Wolf Pack Confirmed In California

    a couple females, a male, and 5 pups. And you think we need a management plan?!?! The last time we managed them they disappeared. its time we let them manage themselves. In the meantime, lets watch the ecosystem of California return to what it used to be, just like Yellowstone has seen happen:
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    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    She sounds and runs great! I have taken her out twice now, and am happy to say she chased down her first yellowfin just last week! Unfortunately I have a bad control cable which stopped working once we reached La Jolla on the way home. a quick stop for some rockies, and it stopped shifting...
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    She didn't sink...

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    She didn't sink...

    Did it work this time?
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    She didn't sink...

    Instead, she ran like she was just built yesterday. As some of you may know from months back, I have been working on a 1978 21' Fiberform walk around/cuddy cabin. I Had to outsource some of the major engine and outdrive work, but was able to finish the rest myself. She ended up being a...
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    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    ******************UPDATE******************* Ok, so after 11 months, $13,000, and a lot of headaches and restless nights. THE BOAT IS READY FOR WATER!!! So I ended up hiring a mechanic to finish the engine/sterndrive work. And it took him 4 months (mostly doing nothing) to finish her...