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    Cabo guides?

    I fished with Juanito and his son on the Panga "El Diablo Loco" last month. Great price ($200) and good times. Fishing was slow but they both are very good fisherman and worked hard. Download Whattsapp and call or te +52 624 205 4157 I saw that Jaime on The Jessica has been doing some...
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    La Paz boat Rec'mds

    These guys have some swivel seats on their panga. Heard great things.
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    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Perfect, I saw it was a Pro Hunter Rankaru from you were using. Thanks!
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    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Nice report! How were you fishing the sierra? Jigs with wire? what slow pitch jigs were you using? Will be fishing with Juan next month.
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    Loreto Hotels This is the place to stay. Super nice people and great spot. Fishing with Pancho Barracuda. [email protected]
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    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    It sounds like its definitely in 1 day range because they fished into the dark on a night bite so the drive back may have not been too long if they had time to do that, or they came in late, which is very possible early season. On a 1 day, you may get that grey light bite in the morning but...
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    Just got back from Zihuatanejo - again

    Man I love Zihuat but the fishing seems to be pretty tough these days. One of the most beautiful spots in Mex. I want to get down south a but more to Barra Navidad. Have you fished down there?
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    Good reel for cal star 700xh

    How many setups will you have? Is this going to be an "All around Setup"?
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    Cabo...July or august?

    July is usually a bit cooler than August. Fishing much better in August. Warmer water really moves in so do the hurricanes.
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    Pedasi with Panafishing

    Great report. What was the deal with testing upon return to the US? You mentioned that you tested at Tocumen. Where in the airport and how long before your flight did you get there to test? Thanks!
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    BOLA and highway 5

    Road is perfect. Paved the whole way but about a mile or 2. I went during covid and it was fine. No issues at all.
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    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    Maybe some of that $$ will go to enforcing the pinche gillnetters. Not likely but hopeful.
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    San Carlos From March 16th to the 22nd

    Good luck on your trip and welcome to BD. Give us a report when you return.
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    Cabo San Lucas yesterday 2/15/21 on El Diablo Loco

    We still had a blast. Cant expect much this time if year. The whales were literally just feet from the shore. It was cool to see. We will be back in July and Oct.