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  • Sammy here .this is Edgars phone number +52 664 191 0532 also 011 +52 664 191 0532 mexico number so depends where you dial from I guess .. just tell EDGAR that HOLLYWOOD gave you his number .Also if you are not set up for fishing my guy is great ..Juanito on El Diblo Loco .. he is the owner and Capitan .. nice 26 foot super panga fully equipped .I can also pass your number onto Edgar ..
    Thanks! Im fishing with Juanito this trip. Ill reach out to Edgar if we need help with the vaccine. Its only $17 at our hotel i found out. so prob wont need Edgar but I appreciate it. What kind of tackle does Juanito have? Do I need to bring any?
    He has a large assortment of tackle. He provides what u need for the fish he thinks you will run into . The only thing I would really bring is terminal tackle weights , leaders , hooks that is stuff that is always lost and expensive to replace .I always just leave it with him when I leave . U can just call him, he will tell you what you need 011 52 1 624 205 4157, +52624 205 4157 just tell him HOLLYWOOD sent u.
    Hello pascuale. I see your Panama post, that you go to Pedasi regularly. I am headed there in May. We are staying at the Villa Marina lodge and launching pangas off the beach every day. Tackle is not provided, so i am doing a little shopping. Can you offer some suggestions for tackle? Rods, reels, lures?
    [email protected]
    I saw your message that you messaged me but so far I have not received anything so just in case I am sending you this also. My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 412-605-7026
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