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    A few pics of a couple of rods built for my fav lure builder!!

    I was checking out the mahi weave and the damn fish swam away! Beautiful work, pictures aren't too bad either.
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    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    The blank might have looked very bad before, but the rod looks badd ass now! Nice job wrapping and restoring that old blank.
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    2nd one of 2 for Pietro

    That is really pretty - your marbling is exquisite! The shading, the use of the gold flake, it's all just so nicely done.
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    Gold Guides

    I haven't seen gold frame boat guides in years; they were all discontinued because the finish never held up to the salt. American Tackle has these or turbos with gold inserts.
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    Best place to buy thread?

    I have used nylon and Madeira somewhat interchangeably without noticing any different characteristics. What do you find to be different that I have not picked up on? Want to make sure I'm not missing something while heading down the road to disaster!
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    SS OSP 2X4

    Great idea to tone down the prism tape with an open spiral - looks very good. Very classy marbling, too. Excellent build.
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    Rainshadow RCJB 84H For Dr. Brian.

    Holy sh!t, that is outstanding! If he doesn't like it, you'll have no shortage of people lining up to take it from him.
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    Mono wrapped tigers

    Looks really nice, I like the colors that you used. I'm curious, how are you tying off the end of the mono?
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    Old fenwick blanks

    LGTB 66(inches) 5(power rating) Most of the old Fenwick blanks that I ever worked with were brown "Fenglass" I'm not coming up with anything for the LGTB part of the model number
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    That marbling is fantastic! It's like a psychedelic concert from back in the day.
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    scratch, twist, repeat...

    For those of us that have been twisting for many years, Len's work is good to examine. Outstanding marbling and thread work!
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    Inshore Fluke Rod, silent auction

    Sold a rod at a silent auction to raise funds for our fishing club.Trimmed the blank to the winners desire, measured up the handel for his long frame and built it for him. The blank was a MudHole "OEM" blank purchased on sale. Spiral wrapped with Fuji Alconite guides. Tiger has size A light...
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    Rasta 800ML for Joe

    Your JTOB variations always impress, and you have taken it to a new level with the wraps under the guides. Multi thread crosses over multiple threads? I can't keep single thread twists as straight and clean as your do with multi threads. Suffice it to say, your work is beautiful and continuosly...
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    Dorado'd out CX76 Raptor

    Lovin' it all the way around!
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    Thread Color Combination Chart

    Well stated. I spend a lot of time looking at various spools of thread before I ever start any rod,