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    Halloween Hoo @ 277

    Luck happens when your buddy/captain has the skills to put us on the fish. Thanks Brother. Another fish off the bucket list.
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    Tribute(Buyer bware)

    Did an overnight trip on the Tribute in August..Had no problems with the crew or captain...Wouldn't hesitate to book another trip with them.
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    Big Catalina Flattie

    Nice job on the Halibut. We had the exact same kind of day on the front side, but without live squid or the nice halibut.
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    Late CAT 6-4-11 report

    That's a nice fish, Darren yanked in. I need a check up from the neck up for passing on the invite. :Beat_Them
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    Did you get out, GVan?

    Did you and grinch get out and hit the island? I missed the car show. I was under the car all day instead.