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    Flat Fall Jigs & Big Bass

    I went to the doctors about my vertigo everyone and it looks like I will never be able to see the ocean blue again at least without putting myself and those around me through pure hell. SO, it looks like it will be lake fishing for this old salt from now own. It was always a dream to go on a...
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    Flat Fall Jigs & Big Bass

    The lightest is my thinking also. I want to try to imitate a stunned/dying shad fluttering down for the larger bass under a bait school to pick off. I'm wondering if the white glow model might work to imitate a shad?
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    Flat Fall Jigs & Big Bass

    Has anyone tried using Flat Fall Jigs for Big Largemouth Bass? I have been considering the possibility for two reasons. The first reason is larger bass tend to hold beneath bait balls and scarf up the wounded baitfish that flutter down that the more active and aggressive smaller bass wound but...
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    Packing for PV leaving tomorrow

    Tight lines and have fun! I wish I could go!
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    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    See you at the Fred Hall Long Beach show!!! :-)
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Thanks! That is good to know!
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    Penn Spinfisher 9500SS

    I noticed Alan Hawk is going to do a review of the Penn Spinfisher 9500SS in the future which I am interested in as I just gave mine to my oldest step-son along with the custom Seeker Black Steel Rod I had built for it. Does anyone else have a Penn Spinfisher 9500SS...
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I'm going to try anything and everything as my head feels like it's going to explode.
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    Shimano New 2019 Stella SW

    I'll be interested in seeing Alan Hawk's review of the new Shimano Stella SW and how it stacks up against the Okuma Makaira! It should be very interesting reading. Eventually I hope to purchase a high end saltwater spinner and I can only afford one like so many people. The Stella for sure is a...
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I'll have to try the ginger root pills as my inner ear problem is back full force and I'm getting sea sick on dry land! Now that sucks big time as it pretty much eliminates setting foot in a boat going offshore! Anyone know of a first rate inner ear specialist? PM me!
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    UC GUSA SideWinder – Popping Rods

    I wish we had people from United Composites that could explain in detail about the UC Sidewinder series rods. I really enjoy learning all I can about rod technology from all sources. That way in the future I make more informed choices. I may be 69 years old but I have always enjoyed learning...
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    Retiring in Mexico/ Central/ South America?

    Good luck with your retirement! Mine ate mine up between my wife's and my medical expenses. I guess at lest some doctors will retire well off and after all the alternative of taking an extended dirt nap is worse. I hope you do what I dreamed of so tight lines and happy fishing!!! :-)
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    Anyone with Experience Use Livetarget Shrimp Lures?

    If you try any of the new Livetarget "Fleeing Shrimp" please post a report on your results as to how they performed where you fish. Thanks. :-)
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    Anyone with Experience Use Livetarget Shrimp Lures?

    Have you caught any Redfish on them?
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    Pacific Jack Crevalle off Southern California

    Its funny how some people are pure meat fishermen while some are sportfishermen and others are in it for the fun of it and take home just a few to eat. I fall in the last grouping; FUN first and take just a few to eat of the best tasting. Tight lines everyone! :-)