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    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    I just recently retired my Newell 338 which can still cast a Sardine a mile and take on anything 30# should be able to handle. I'm using a Talica 10 II with a Calstar 850 M. Dream for fishing bait in appropriate 30# conditions. Kelp Patties, Pick Tuna Bite, smaller fish on the ridge etc. I...
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    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Hey Everyone, Any rod builders or rod repair guys in the East Bay Frisco area. I live in San Ramon for reference. I have some guides that I need fixed. I mostly have long range Salt gear. Thanks! Dave
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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    I just came back from an 8 day on the Rooster...I would have passed the test....the crew tried hard to stop folks from harvesting too much. Dodo's are what mess everyone up. That and when the fish are small.
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    Awesome Soda! If I can't fish with the Soda Pop at least I'm fishing on a boat with his gear on it!
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    You will be fine. My stuff always fits on the Rooster and I always bring way too much stuff. I am leaving on the Sonny Jones trip this Thursday. We will try to leave you some Wahoo for your trip :)
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    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    I always do it 1 - 2 weeks before the trip....if it’s a short fluro or leader to spectra i do it on the boat. Every thing else I do before. Cocktails, friends, seas, get in the way once you leave port.
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    Bomb skirts

    Winner Winner....I always go straight to the source at WTP. Anyone have connections for just the heads?
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    How our Gallagher/Excel Charter is handling the Covid Issue

    Works for me. Good luck, have fun, forget about 2020 for a while.
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    Shogun 1.5 day with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Great report on many different levels. Well done and congratulations!
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    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    x2 Some really good recipes from this guy. A recent favorite of mine is Crispy Fried Tuna Tacos. Amazing concept. Wrap seasoned raw tuna in a corn tortilla and fry it. By the time the tortilla is done you have perfectly seared tuna on the inside...
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    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I got to go fishing a week and a half ago up in the Bay Area. Wearing a mask was not an issue. I was fishing on the Cal Dawn and Captain James was basically asking us to respect the sport and the fleet by wearing masks so they wouldn't get shut down. Sure they came off occasionally for a...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    From Facebook Fisherman's Landing 33 mins · It is with heavy hearts that we are posting this to inform you that the county is ordering us to shut down operations until March 31st due to Covid-19 situation. We are sorry that we have to cancel our upcoming trips, but the safety of our...
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    cow tuna sardine hooks

    Mustad for me. I like these.
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    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    I'm on the Rooster in late September this year. Trying to figure out another trip....probably needs to be later in the year though with family and work balance. On a lighter note I'm going to Fiji with the family this summer....must be some kind of fishing out there?