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    Looking for trout fishing California.

    Where did you end up fishing? I was there this weekend (June loop area). It was pretty slow but I was fishing from shore with family. We fished Grant, Silver, and Lundy. We got to Virginia Lake late on 10/20 but there were lots of fish jumping out of the water! Ended up fishing Lone Pine...
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    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    50lb yozuri pink with a 12oz torpedo and sardine on the retrieve. 35lb bft labor day weekend
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    “Life Jacket” flyer

    Has anyone actually got bit on this?
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    Personal Best BFT Saturday 8/29 - Late Post

    I'm booking a trip with them in October, hopefully we do as half as good as yall! Congrats brother.
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    SOLD Camp Chef two burner stove $20

    Still available?
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    WTB Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag

    I will be in El Cajon/SD on Sunday. I can pick up!
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    WTB Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag

    Whats up BD, I'm looking to buy a Penn Fathom II 12 Star Drag. Preferably new or mint condition. If it's used please send some pics! I'm located in LB area but willing to make the drive for the right price. Thanks for your time.
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    When the tuna are on small bait . . .

    Thanks for the Intel... I use the clear bubble rig when I'm fly fishing the Sierras with an open face reel. I was recently thinking of this and how it would transition to salt water. I might have to give it a shot and try to ignore the weird looks I'll be getting on a sport boat.
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    Aztec BFT or Bust Strategy - Day 1 of 3 Day Trip

    I was on this trip... it was insane! RSW was full, the rest of the yft went into 2 bait tanks. Deck hands were processing fish from 3pm-6am
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    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    Yes, trip was cancelled because of a lack of people... they ended up on a crew trip and already limited on YFT (by 8am). Good luck if you're going Friday, I'll be stuck at work!
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    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    Boat needs 10 to go, let's gooooo!!! Anyone planning on going on this trip?
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    SOLD Frozen Flying Fish

    Where are you located?
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    What’s your Cow BFT plan or outlook for the Fall?

    I'm thinking the Aztec in November and I've already booked the Thunderbird for the full moon in Nov. I would be interested in doing a 4 pack if you can find another body or two!