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    Havasu striper derby

    Please post a report! Good luck guys.
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    Keeping bait alive in small bait tank

    First thing don't overcrowd the bait. I would rather go to the islands with 20-30 pieces of good bait then a tank full of beat bait. Add a bait tank light to your live well. It helped my striper a ton. I just wired a small l.e.d. light to the bait pump so it goes on and off with that. Are...
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    SI parking shut down for Bear/Cox?

    F NewScum!
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    Help picking a boat?

    Tundra would suck pulling that boat if it can at all. No bait tank with the dog house taking up the deck too. Killer boat tho.
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    Help picking a boat?

    I agree with Big Tuna. A Striper or Proline would be a great boat for what you want to do. I had a 2601 striper for 10 years that treated me great, learned a ton fishing it and upgraded once I knew what I wanted and didn't want on my next boat. What I liked about the Striper besides the price...
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    Looking for waverunner partner to fish Catalina-SoCal waters

    Try using a sea anchor for those windy days. A kayak sea anchor or maybe a little bigger one for a 14' boat will help big time without the hassle/ danger of anchoring. If your in the SF valley I have a small kayak sea anchor you can have.
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    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    Sounds like you probably won't get the most use out of a generator not using your a/c. How often do you really need a/c on the west coast in a smaller boat? We just put one in our family boat- 31'Cabo and are about 13k deep so far. Water got on it so it's being removed at the moment-more $$$. I...
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    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    27", my buddy is 6'3. Nice observation all the way from Oklahoma...
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    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Yeah, I was tripping that he threw his anchor right on the high spot we were fishing. He had 7 guys on a 24' boat so we already knew googans were out. You guys made me feel my decision to fish sat over sunday was the right one. Thursday and Friday I was contemplating to move the trip to Sunday...
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    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    No worries, looked like your boat as one was a ranger bass boat and was spot locked and the other full of people. Didn't piss us off as there are so many spots up there. I was also thinking about Sunday but the weather repots were a little conflicting. Sunday looked like less swell and little...
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    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Great report. I think we rolled to the island together most the way. I was the Parker. We started on some small reef off rosa and your buddy dumped his anchor 20' off my stern. We picked a few fish off the spot before rolling to Miguel.
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    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    Ginger had to stay and work. Usually I take him and my other bro watches shop but he wants to get back into fishing. I think he got hooked again, lol.
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    Islands San Miguel 3-27

    First time out in way too long, with my bro and good buddies Omar & Dean, With them all being Dad's the last 4-5 years and me now expecting we had to blast out in our short weather window and time frame. We met at 4 am, all of us didn't get much sleep with the excitement of fishing. Ran up to...
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    Am I paying too much? Or not enough?

    At $300 dollars with materials he is basically building the rod for free. Sounds like you made a good friend.
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    262 upgrades

    Very nice! Now when can we see some outboards hanging off the back of one of these?