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    Fish ID - Izors

    That's one I've never seen...
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    Long Beach fishing report 02/29

    sculpin and cabs in the harbor....nice
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    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Here. Not hear. :) Sorry, couldn't resist being a smart-ass.
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    SBI WSB 7/19-20

    Cool shot of the WSB streaking up to bait - I've never seen that before.
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    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    that's a good listen...thanks for sharing, helped me get through the work afternoon.
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    7/7/2019 Catalina Yellowtail

    Big YT for a little guy. He'll never forget. Congrats!
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    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Your writing skills are excellent. Read like a Steinbeck novel. Thanks for sharing and taking the time. You should write for WON or something.
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    Strange catch

    Oh yeah? Well here’s a video of a 52 LB wahoo I just caught at the oil rigs yesterday:
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    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Nice Work. A big tail will get your heart pumping! Stay safe.
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    The sardines were good I guess, we had none roll on us. I say decent only because they seemed smaller than usual and they were not the strongest swimmers. It used to be nice to have 2 bait barges in LBC. Now there's no option really, unless you want to take the extra half hour to run down to...
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    It was a different one. No big deal...just felt too close. Although the bite , if you can call it that, did shut down after he pulled in.
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    My bro-in law and I took my sons and 3 of their friends fishing today at Cat for my oldest son's birthday out of LBC. At 06:00 we were about 5th in line for Nacho, and it went pretty quickly. He had decent deans and squid. Opted for dines, and we had fresh frozen squid. Crossing was pretty...
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    No Cat Yellows for me but, Big Vermillions and Lings out of long beach saved the day 6/22/19

    Yeah man, what's up with that ass-hat 6-pack? We finally hung one yellow after lunch and I turn around and that douche was 20 yards off my bow within seconds. Not very professional...but whatever. They did not hang any yellows that I saw. We had basically the same experience as you today.
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    Late run outta Dana

    They grow up fast. Seems like only yesterday I was doing that with my 13 and 16 yr old boys. Enjoy every moment...