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    Misc Reels For Sale

    outdorfan submitted a new listing: Misc Reels For Sale - Misc Reels For Sale Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California Misc Reels For Sale

    I am thinning the heard and am offering the following reels for pick up only in Orange County. All are functional and most haven’t seen use in many years but would make great starter setups for someone getting in to sportfishing. Shimano Tyrnos 8 II two speed in great condition loaded with 40...
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    Inshore Cat and the Shoe 9-19

    Lots of peppers!!!!!!!!!!
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    Inshore Cat and the Shoe 9-19

    We have found that a super hot pepper (like a ghost or carolina reaper) stuffed inside a dead sardine will deter even the most pesky of dogs. It has to be one of these super hot peppers so that the oil residue will linger in the dogs mouth after he finds out what just hit him and spits out the...
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    Offshore Bluefin Report

    Video of the year nomination right there!!!!!
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    Props still available

    Props still available
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    Dual Props for Suzuki Df 350

    I have two new props that were ordered incorrectly for my new motor. They are Suzuki OEM props made exclusively for their DF 350 engine. I paid more than $1,500 for them and on the test drive with the new motor it was discovered that I needed a 19 degree pitch and these are 22.5. I'm asking...
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    Parker 2520 XLD w/ twin 300's?? Am I crazy?!?

    I don't have any specific fuel economy numbers as I haven't run many long range trips to get an accurate read but in general the old Yamaha was a 2000 OX66 that was always thirsty and the new Suzuki DF 350 with the dual prop gets up on plain much quicker and runs more efficiently which has...
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    Parker 2520 XLD w/ twin 300's?? Am I crazy?!?

    Just a little food for thought based on my experience upgrading my power. It was widely debated 3 years ago on the "value" of switching from a 2 stroke 250 yamaha to my current 4 stroke 350 suzuki on my 2510 with a transom mount. It flies on flat calm days and cruises with improved handling and...
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    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    Overall we are very happy with the DF 350. We did end up reinforcing the transom with a custom built stainless cap that is ties in to the stringers, the deck and the two side boxes after talking to the Parker people. It turned out it was more about the increased torque that the extra weight. I’m...
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    Lewmar Boat Anchor - like new

    Sent u a PM. I'll take it if it still available.
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    YoYo, surface iron, and more jigs plus assorted hooks, weights and other gear

    Post Labor Day Bump!! Over 70 jigs from Salas, squidpro, Raider, ironman and more!! Also includes lots of hooks/weights, rigging material, and a long range fighting belt. PM me if you want to come take a look!!