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    Charters, tuna, dolphin, wahoo, etc.

    Central Florida is not pelagic Friendly due to the distance you have to travel to get to deep water.Bottom fishing is king around here.Tarpon in Tampa Bay or redfish in mosquito lagoon are close and won't stretch the budget like a offshore trip.
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    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    I second Alaska air. 8ft Rod tube and tackle box count as one piece of luggage. I put all my reels in my carry on packed with socks and underwear. I put a few shorts and shirts in as well. Doesn't matter how bad the airline messes up if I have my reels and clean skivies I can still have a good...
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    Nov 2021 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando

    It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmas. I love fishing the cooler weather in Florida.
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    Keys wahoo tips?

    Head east till you find the color change. High speed troll,10-12 knots. I like to use a nomad dtx 200 or 220 diving bait and a Billy bait cavitator on top. Although any high speed surface lure will work.Work back and forth in a S pattern across the color change or temperature break traveling...
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    Port Canaveral report

    Better to be lucky than good
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    Port Canaveral report

    I fished the 9 hour trip on the Canaveral Princess today. I was targeting grouper for most of the trip. Big bait for big fish. The grouper didn't cooperate but I did catch a nice cobia. Weather was good for a change. My last few trips were canceled due to weather. Joe
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    Tuna Around Melbourne?

    The best tuna fishing in Central Florida is for yellowfin on the other side of the gulf stream. 100 miles out give or take. You can catch blackfin tuna also. Around Melbourne that probably starts about 15 miles out.
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    Quandary: what am I going to do with all the fish I catch?

    The processor has to and will make the arrangements with the shipper. Shipping Air cargo requires a pre-certification If you have all the fish frozen in can be shipped at you at your convenience. Another option is to check your processed fish as baggage. The processor will make arrangements...
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    Quandary: what am I going to do with all the fish I catch?

    I've had fish shipped back several times with mixed results.. here's my suggestions, have all the fish frozen. Have it shipped southwest Air cargo,you can pick it up at Orlando Airport Get a freezer that doesn't have auto defrost. The quality of the tuna is exceptional from long rangeboats...
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    Our fishery has lost another legend

    The pictures tell the story. Without a doubt the best big fish fisherman I have ever seen on the Florida Fisherman. His ability and desire to catch all the species that are available on the Florida was what set him apart. He never made a fuss or got overly excited. He just quietly went about...
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    Fishing the Big Buck Moon

    Congratulations Will
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    How to add pictures in posts

    Test 1
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    Gold Penn 113 ID

    It could be a 4/0 with 6/0 gears, very rare and quite pricey. I believe they were called accurate magnums. Probably worth at least 400 if it is.
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    Middle Grounds bait question for grouper/snapper

    3-6 ft leaders are all you will need.3 ft on sticky bottom. Longer leader in current. Long leaders and big live bottom don't mix. I wouldn't go out of my way for dead bait. A 5lb box of brined Spanish sardines and is never a bad idea.Just to have something different.I have been using the...
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    GT knot tutorial..

    I have been using the GT knot on my last six trips in the Gulf of Mexico. I have been tying the easy version with single strand braid tied in a uni behind the figure 8.I have found it to be an extremely strong knot and strength has never been an issue. I have been mainly fishing light line 30 lb...