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    CRB Wire Chuck

    why don't you chuck up a rod before you put finish on it to see what happens?
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    WTB Diawa HD 400 XS or HS ? Question

    same size different gear ratio
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    RCE 900 Mag reel seat

    go with a CAH23
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    Teacher needed... ambitious and patient learner here

    there you go Len is a great wrapper ,maybe he can take over the rod classes and I can retire again.
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    Ceramic bobins

    I have a couple of them they work fine been using them for years. good find Mike yours are nice in that they have inserts at both ends of the tube.
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    Lamiglas Pink Rod/Walleye/Bass (CWB75MH)

    Nice thread work . I'm sure the title had guys thinking a pink colored rod. LOL
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    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    doc smith friday harbor 3503786923 redden marine supply bellingham 3607660250
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    New sticks for win at WTC

    nice work
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    Old Skool "Marlin Brothers Rod Thread"

    I have used it. Nice color selection, good color retention easy to work with as it is size C
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    What size thread

    no just a smart ass :D
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    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    The thermister is a self resetting circuit breaker rated at 145C (293F) and 2 amps it is to prevent you from burning up your mtr. You already have speed control on your wrapper so the foot pedal is just a momentary switch. Knowing the way you wrap (balls to the wall) you should have no problem.
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    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    that is a thermister they are crimped on the power wire. you can crimp it with a crimp from your crimping kit. or you can just by pass it and connect your power wire directly to the foot pedal . Don't have the crimp? stop by the house and I'll help you.
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    Line guide & Spiral wrap

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    Help with Hypalon Measurements

    I believe Einar ment 3/4" for the rear 1/2 " for the fore with epoxy at the final position Use rubber cement and it will slide in place easily.