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    Chinese fleet

    Chinese products you say....... After all this crap about covid19 coming form China and thier part in the spread of it look what is coming our way. Every single piece of PPE my department bought, and or using to protect against covid19, came from China - I checked. This stuff wasn't here before...
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    Economical fishing?

    You summed it up buddy. Off shore fishing is not cheap no matter how you cut it. Some people fish a few times a year and get their fill, others go through lot of money. The most economical way is to hook up with someone that has a most economical. Good luck
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Better yet attach it to the top of an anchored float, set it in auto mode to go off at 7am Hawaiian time.:cheers:
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse have my view guaranteed if you make the video. The embarrassment to her having her mug, as the latest loud ass Karen, would be priceless. You would of course have to mail her the link so she wouldn't miss it.
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    WTB Looking for a gaf can someone help me out

    Sounds like everything mentioned here is American made....nice to see no foreign cheap crap in the mix for once.
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    Sea Alien ID!

    I'm pretty sure it was in MIB sitting on a counter smoking. Someone watch the movie again to confirm. :cheers:
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    WTB Looking for a gaf can someone help me out

    What you trying to gaff brother? I've been happy with my 6'x3" gold Aftco gaff.
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    Bluefin leader size

    My reels are filled with spectra so I will need top shots/leaders.
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    Bluefin leader size

    Without geting into too much detail, what size leader should I be looking at for trolling for bluefin tuna. Im looking at various lures to get up and going quick as a bite in Norcal is somewhat on.
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    FREE STOLEN!!! From Point Loma...Custom wrapped THRASHER fishing rods, Shikari and Rainshadow. Keep an eye out, please!

    Keep an eye out at your local swap meet. Thief's are idiots but they learn after getting caught a few times. Craigslist is an easy place to get caught so they learn. Swap meets don't have wide spread exposure so if any members here frequent such keep an eye out.
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    Need help matching paint!!

    It appears to be zolotone paint. I've been out of it for a long time but I'm sure others, more current than me, will chime in soon. For the time being look it up. The boat manufacturer (Kamath boats) should greatly narrow down exactly what you need also. I actually was a welder there when I...
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    Farallon 25’ deck questions

    Why would you arbitrarily install a new fuel tank? You just might be throwing a few thousand dollars in the trash. Is the tank leaking or is the boat know for the tank going bad? I pulled the tank on my older farallon (during a rebuild) after hearing horror stories about other makes only to find...
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    What company for new electronics

    Garmin......don't know much about the others as I've only ever had garmin. Very intuitive and it's got way more bells and whistles than someone from my generation would ever use. I'm totally satisfied. :git:
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    MLPA - Huge Success

    Here is more sarcasm.... The MLPA in the new generation in action. You know the ones who grew up playing fictional video games, watching TV all day long, living ther lives vicariously through the internet. They think that whatever in on the internet is true and whatever they dream up is true...