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    7/9/2020 Trip #8, Butterfly and West of 42, 4 BF, BF #27

    So, what are your GPS coordinates? LOL! You have it dialed in!!!!
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    San Diego day trip blue fin

    So, what question do you never, never , never and I mean never ask on this board?
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    Sports caught Albies in OR and WA reported

    With the wind, you are going to need big BALLS or a bigger boat! Looks like it is going to blow for another week.
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    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Nothing like the chase and anticipation of the end game! So, close yet so far!!
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    So, other than the obvious of the boat filling with water and sinking. What happen to it to make...

    So, other than the obvious of the boat filling with water and sinking. What happen to it to make it fill up with water?
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    Coronado Islands Paperwork

    I have never been checked in all the years I have fished the Islands, but I also have all the paper work needed each time. This year there is another fee for some Sanctuary for the Islands.
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    Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    Keep the two Bluefin, the girlfriend and ax the guy! Just kidding sweet she enjoys your passion!
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    226 and the coronado islands 7-9-2019

    If you slow troll Macks, go to heavier line. If they hit you bait, 40lb plus will not matter. The whole thing with light line is so the fish keeps moving in a free motion. When you are slow trolling, your bait is moving, go heavy line.
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    7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Congrats on the fisherman, but more congrats on the hook not pulling! Better to be lucky than good! Nice fish.
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    Point Sal Insanity?

    We are all thinking Albacore, but Mother Nature is thinking something else. 25k plus winds for the next 10 days! We need a bigger boat!
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    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I have a great idea? Buy your own boat, cook your own grub and get skunked like most of the private boaters on this site that chase Bluefin! But the day that the sun and moon come together, their is nothing like being there!
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    Liberty 249 and 223 lb BFT 6/11/2019

    I can not wait to go on my boat next week!
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    Baja Special for BFT

    God liked him better! LOL!
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    Monterey Albies

    It is kinda fun to read some of these old post and see what fish we all caught. I was in the middle of that bite!!!