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    Broadhead help

    Damn. Those are pretty. If you have to make a change, Slick Tricks are amazing!
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    AZ Javelina Hunt (Success)

    You don't eat them? That's a bummer, as they are very edible. Turn them into chorizo, and the family will consume without a second thought.
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    Deer hunting myths

    I always thought that if you cashed in 16 points for an Utah archery bull elk tag, that there would be 350 bulls behind every tree. Not.
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    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    Kids that hunt and fish don't mug old ladies. Nice work! Great vid! Looking forward to Vid #2.
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    Last day luck!

    Yah! Nice buck, with a big puffy neck.
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    Leaving tomorrow for Utah Elk

    Me too! Bull elk in UT. 16 years for a medium quality unit. Still rad!!!
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    Colorado Archery OTC 2020

    True. They don't start talking until later. As you know, get a few miles or more, off the roads, you won't find any ML hunters. They either push the elk downhill on to private, or uphill into wilderness areas. The ML hunters are typically from eastern states like Pennsylvania, etc...
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    Its almost hunting season, time to wake up this forum

    I agree Stef. Let's dust of the dekes and practice shooting. I don't need to practice, but my buddies do.
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    Looking for a Yellow Lab Pup

    I have a buddy looking for his first gun dog. Please let me know if you have a line on a quality duckhunting litter. Thanks.
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    Colorado Archery OTC 2020

    Not this year. You need to check on the muzzle loader start date in your unit. You will want to hunt before they get there. They will cover a lot of ground and spook the elk into different zip codes and downhill on to private property. Go early. ;-)
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    My FIRST bird!

    Great work. And, great photography!!!
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    Thinking about Musk Ox

    Dee: Listen to the MeatEater podcast that focuses on Musk Ox. Great information. (And, you will then want to listen to all the Meateater Podcasts.) From what I gathered, it's not much of a hunt for Musk Ox. It's more of an adventure in surviving the weather, and appreciating the indigenous...
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    Memories with the Kid

    Awesome! Nothing better than your kid's biggame hunts. Great photo.
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    Texas deer

    Nice TX whitetail, Jim. You might have to change you call sign.
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    In Honor of My Wife

    Bob: Love your posts. Families that hunt and fish together, stay together. You are a mentor for many of us young bucks. Thank you.