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    Catalina Cockroach Limits

    Looks like a lot of happy campers there
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    The Pile! A story of survival!

    Fun read thanks
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    New Boat Arrives!

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    where's your handheld vhf?

    make a ditch bag, epirb is huge security blanket for not that much money. handheld vhf is good after epirb is set off to communicate at close range with rescuers..oh yeah keep the ditch bag where you can get it.
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    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    awesome awesome awesome awesome great report thanks for sharing
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    First timers luck

    No reason to make excuses as long as you eat the fish IMHO. Congratulations
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    Well written report, good reading, congrats on your catch and welcome to BD. Keep those reports coming.
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    25' Farallon NorCal to SoCal

    that's a beauty...put a trash can with bait well pump and pack the stuffing box and go fishing before it's over. do all the other stuff later
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    seeker hercules vs phenix black diamond

    I have a 8ft Hercules 80H and also have a 8ft UC custom blank for popping that Capt Richie organized for me through the "old" UC company. The Hercules is a comparatively heavier blank and is definitely a medium taper...lots of really nice bend on larger fish. Correct me if I'm wrong but the...
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    9/7 YFT/YT near 277

    yeah 40lb and getting bit off doesn't sound like tuna maybe it was a wahoo...shhhhhhhh
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    Knot for popping, jigging?

    what Sami said. There are a couple of other knots used by popper and jig fisherman like the Japanese GT knot also called the FG knot. And then what John said about using a barrel swivel and split ring. Makes changing lures super easy and fast. go to and you can see lots of info...
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    That is the right answer...oh one up on time
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    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Score for the two youngsters, congratulations