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    Fred Hall 2021

    You must be rich to afford those beers
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    Trump vetoes bill to outlaw drift gillnets

    I have no idea what this bill contain nor do I want to exert the energy to do so. I find it quite bizarre that even as sportsmen who share the love of the same hobby would just blindly disagree with each other on any subject if it involves "our side" on the political spectrum.
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    Fisherman without license

    Never had to think about this because I assume if they're too cheap to buy a fishing license, then they'll probably be too cheap to pitch in for gas, bait or beer and would never step onto my boat
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    Identify a shitbird

    Why even bring this up? Unless someone's post was removed, I didn't even see a mention about ethnicity. In this case, a turd is a turd regardless.
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    Want to be a boat owner and questions

    What's your budget? Also how big of a boat can you park at your house? Boat price range significantly
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    Bottom Paint or Not?

    I have a boat that I trailer. It has bottom paint since the guy whom I bought it from had it slipped. I am thinking of ways to remove this bottom paint.
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Wow. I have owned my boat for 4 years now. I have always been hesitant in pulling anyone behind my boats and probably will never do this as it freaks me out knowing I will have to be near someone with my boat running. This post is my worst fear as a boat captain considering I only take close...
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I know this wasn't the case in this specific incident but I learned a hard lesson as a captain myself. Last year off Pt. Loma fishing with my kids, we were drifting a good 100 yards away from a boat that had it's flag up and a diver below. While in the excitement of hooking up on fishes, I...
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    8-8-2020 Platform Ester

    I hear those aren't bad eating. Did you keep the shovel nose?
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I don't dive so I wouldn't know this. Is it common to dive at 3am? And is it common to drive the boat with someone in the water? Every time I see divers, it's always day light and boat is anchored.
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    How dope is fish dope?

    Would anyone recommend the cost if you only do inshore fishing?
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    You're making the wrong assumption here. There's two main things that would drive the rent up. First is what I had mentioned and this is the biggest factor. The overall cost to buy property. The higher the cost to buy something, the higher you will have to charge in rent to recoup the cost...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    I'm not sure if you are trying to imply that the undocumented population is the reason for high rent. The cost of houses in So Cal and CA in general have been increasing year over year since the big crash around 2009. High costs to buy a house equal high rents. To me this is obvious unless...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    In your mind is that people are only leaving CA. This is probably due to the fact that you mostly associate with people who think like you. But the fact is, there's as many high income earners coming in as there is leaving. The housing market continue to rise here in CA. Who do you think is...
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    Where to fish in SD

    This was our annual trip to Campland. We left this morning out of Mission Bay around 7:30 and headed toward PT Loma first. It was choppy as heck. We stopped and tried a few spots first. After 40 minutes, my 9 year old and nephew started to get sick. It was so choppy that I started to feel...