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    Solo netting tips and tricks?

    Lots of good tips here. One thing that is even more important when netting solo is dropping that rod tip once the fish is over the net and letting him dive into the bottom of the net. Should always do that but even more important when solo. I always laugh when I see a newb pulling the fish out...
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Agreed MA9 - that's been my experience over the past 50 yrs fishing the sound as well.
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    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    I've had a set of brand new [lead acid] batteries (Les Schwab) go bad without being able to resurrect them after unintentionally drawing them down to 0 just a single time. Happened again before I found/fixed the draws/shorts and I resurrected the 2nd new set of batteries but never really trusted...
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    Saltwater Neah bay 24th - 26th

    Great trip! Thanks for the report and pics! Now I gotta get me an automated vacuum sealer like that...
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    Octane rating at islander resort lopez/marine octane booster?

    The octane rating of the cocktails I was drinking at the Islander last month was quite high - blew the sediment and clogs right outta my system!!
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    Anyone's kid need a Summer job

    "I just need someone reliable with attention to detail and common sense" OMG - don't we all!! Good luck!
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    Slapshot has the cords

    I'd say the Coords killed those more than the Cords (;>)
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    Had a stellar day fishing Canadian Swiftsure solo with one of those. Even hooked a king along with everything else. I like fishing them but sure won't clip one on a newb's line.
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    Starlink Internet

    Thanks for posting that speed test - going to have to look at them again!
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    Starlink Internet

    I live in Bothell but no one will bring broadband down my 1/4 mile driveway so I'm stuck with ViaSat and it sucks!! I briefly looked at Starlink Beta but it didn't appear the bandwidth was any better than 25Mb/sec - has that improved?
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    Bass Pro/Cabella’s Buying Sportman’s Warehouse

    Not sure this is the case in your particular circumstances but... It's much easier to serve online ordering from a single distribution location than keep things in stock in multiple retail outlets when supply chains are jacked like they are right now. Sell it all instantly or, pay more to ship...
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    Killing fish one tire at a time

    A couple years ago they knew early runoff was killing coho but they didn't know the specific chemical nor it's specific source. They've just now ID'd that. I'm sure Gov Jay'll be all over it as a new source of tax $$. Which is fine as long as they actually save fish with it but that's pretty...
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    Killing fish one tire at a time

    Read that soil filters it out which is why urban streams get the double whammy - more overall tire material and much more direct, hard-surface conduits to streams.
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    Transmission porn...

    I sure hope none of my fishing buddies are interested in Tranny Porn!!
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    Fuel at Westport

    Well now seems there's a business opportunity for some of you rich retirees... I'll even throw in the branding "Fisherman's Fuel" and you can put a location in every major sport fishing port nationwide. Regular hours from an hour before light till an hour after dark with a surcharge for "by...