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    WTB Bought mak 20 from charkbait , need a rod

    The only difference between 20 and 30 is line capacity. If I was flying the dead flyer or kite, I’d go with 30 or preferably 50. For flatfall/sinker rig I’d opt for 20.
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Spent the summer working out a few kinks but am very happy with the additional deck space and conversion. Connected on my pb bft a few weeks back. 270lbs. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    For Sale Cousins 690j

    So it’s $400 on offerup but $475 to the small tight knit fishing community on BD. Got it.
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    For Sale Okuma Makaira 20000S

    Bump. Willing to ship.
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    FREE POS gear thief is out on bail

    Haha Robert you made me laugh.
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    For Sale UC CE1000XF Blank or trade

    I’ve got a new 80M FL wrap with reel seat. Been in the rack for a while and never used. $250 firm. Anaheim is a hike from NC SD though.
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    SOLD TRQ25NB for 25NLD2 (San Diego)

    I think he means $200 the other way around.
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    For Sale Okuma Makaira 20000S

    Ttt. Trade for silver torque 25N, 30, 40N or black 25N SD
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    For Sale Okuma Makaira 20000S

    Bump. May trade for a silver torque 40NLD2 in same shape.