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  • Do you sell the rod holders separate? I am thinking about replacing my existing clamp on style with permenant holders. They are on my parker 2310 hardtop
    oceanjake, I read this morning you are interested in buying Simrad Chartplotter's EVO2 generation. I have a NSS12 that is installed in my 24 Yellowfin. I am upgrading to another NSS12 and 4G Radar combination. Before I remove this 3 year old Simard I am curious what'll you give me for it? Advise
    Hey Jake it's Loren. Fished with you a few weeks ago with Brett. Let me know if you need any help selling it. I can put it on yacht world through my brokerage. I just had a guy look at my 42' Uniflite pictures today. Yours would be a good choice as well. 949-370-7188.
    I would say yes. But another guy yesterday afternoon committed to buy it.. Full price + shipping.. to LA

    I know its not what your asking but I can offer you $350 for the lot. I already have my own set up but would like to get my son involved and would prefer not to spend a lot if he doesn't take to it.
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