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    Mackeral in Sd bay

    You have caught them recently?
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    Mackeral in Sd bay

    Anyone find them? Suggestions for places to look (besides bait barge)? appreciate it
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    Penn Slow pitch

    Yeah , this. Most inshore vertical fishing is better with a level wind and a good part of my season. Don’t like the baitcasters, prefer the round reel. Well constructed, smooth, and the smaller the better
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    Penn Slow pitch

    Good to hear...I ordered 2 on Monday...just wasn’t sure their dimensions. The warfare 15 they were fishing is kind of “big” for them. Sounds like the 15lw is slightly smaller? The shimano 300 size is ideal as a point of reference.
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    Penn Slow pitch

    Yeah. Just not good for kids.
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    Penn Slow pitch

    @tunanorth Small round level winds coming?
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    What is the smallest conventional?

    Why not level wind at this size?
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    Who wants to catch bass?

    Sharks biting now better than I’ve ever seen.
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    Who wants to catch bass?

    Heck of an offer. Bump for a good deed.
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    10/6 425 Farmers only

    Dead body. Returning from a 3 day on the intrepid. Super weird , very uncomfortable. Supposedly called the coast guard and mex navy, gave coordinates, and told to leave. Whole boat in silence until someone asked if it was holding. It wasn’t
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    Saturday Report - Down South

    Watched a guy launch a jet ski on the beach just west of the ramp and got his truck stuck in the sand. Literally right next to the dinghies.
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    9/28: 302-371-425-Coronado

    I don’t see it (< 40 miles) but sure hope you are right
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    Shogun - Police

    Has to be the most conflicted bd post. I’m surprised everyone wouldn’t see this as a really big deal. Criminal issue or not the safety issue should have everyone on alert. Post after post of safety advice given out always across this forum. What’s the best case...the people who OD’d would...