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    SOLD Invader 17’ Reef Runner CC

    I'm interested, text me (760) 450-457 five.
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    10/29- Epic BFT trip on the Pacifica

    Stoked for you and Rusty, Keith. Thanks for the report. As far as fishing your own balloon/flyers, were you using a separate rod for the balloon or just putting it on the bait line? Any other details about the rig you don't mind sharing?
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    SOLD SOLD... Price drop Grande Sport fishing Full day 2 passes $250

    That's a steal. I don't know if you're on facebook stuman but if so I'd post it in the Socal Sportfishing Club page I bet you'll get a buyer.
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    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    Yes, it was the first boat I ever saw the double trouble rig fished on.
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    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    It was a banger trip last year Dave! First time I've ever been spooled when I hooked that bluefin in the photo's twin on 30#. I don't think the dates work for me this year, but if I can swing it, I'll let ya know asap.
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    For Sale Lots of great Grundens gear - new

    Got my bibs in a timely fashion! Thanks TJ.
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    10/8 Lucky > Good

    You guys are welcome! I feel like there's been a real lack of reports lately. Just filling in as a deckhand on a 6-pack. It's been rad though, learning a lot and getting my 'fix' so to say while actually making a little money. You get on the waitlist for that Nov trip yet? :)
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    10/8 Lucky > Good

    I normally don't post reports for trips I'm working but with the dismal counts yesterday and the lack of reports on here I figured this could help motivate some of ya'll to keep after it! Grabbed the worst bait of the season, perhaps the worst I've ever seen, at the barge. The water running out...
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    SoA 9/16-9/24

    Thanks for the report man, I'm excited to read the rest! As someone who has suffered from similar frustrations, I now type up all of my long stuff on google drive and then just copy and paste it into the forum/wherever. Googly drive autosaves every time you change anything so you'll never lose...
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    For Sale Classic Wood Dory Boat $11,900 They keep updating the craigslist add so I'd say it's still for sale.
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    SOLD Penn Spinfisher 7500

    Used Penn Spinfisher 7500 for sale. Just don't have a use for this thing. Was a hand me down and I never used it once so not positive of the condition, but it looks like it was barely used. I just popped the spool off as writing this and took a couple photos, inside looks perfect. $100 obo...
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    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 two speed!!

    AVET LX for sale, 80% filled with 65# power pro. Has some boat rash for sure but fully serviced last season and has only pulled on a few fish since then so ready to go mechanically. $220 obo Would consider trade (+ cash on either side depending) for decent rod. Looking for a jig stick and a...